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Lightings that tug at one’s heartstrings may not be deliberately made up, yet a desirable lighting design can doubtlessly be presented through fine thoughts. Lighting lives up buildings and the world. Buildings not accompanied by lighting will be visually unpleasant regardless of how magnificent they may look like.
If one is looking for peaceful, pleasant and modern smart living, the professionals at City SME Sdn. Bhd. can boldly and confidently reassure him or her to look no more, because the best smart home system is successfully developed here at City SME Sdn. Bhd. Not for other reasons but simply because City SME Sdn. Bhd. has the best among the best to help fulfil one’s need on secured housing system.
Ever since it was founded in the year 2007, City SME Sdn. Bhd. has been dealing with environmental smart home systems for commercial as well as residential purposes all this while, in which its detailed and dedicated workmanship has won many customers’ trust. Realising the fact that the smart controlling switches and security system – or what is more commonly known as “smart home” system – is a new and emerging industry, coupled with the growing demand from the market towards refined advanced security system for living premises, the company decided to come out with “MYCITY Home Automations” to provide a One Touch Smart Home System to its varied customers.
To date, with its motto as “No.1 Smart Home System in Asia Pacific”, City SME Sdn. Bhd. has successfully developed and completed a series of home solutions for its customer that combine “Smart Switches, Alarm Devices, CCTV and Fingerprint Door Lock” that function in one system, all of which are highly compatible with commonly seen buildings around us. These solutions include but not limited to residential premises, as well as commercial properties.
Home System will be working well and be more stabilize with A server that install at customer house. Besides, an High Security Date Encryption has been implement to the system to ensure customers privacy.
In addition to its home automations which come in packages, City SME Sdn. Bhd. also at the same time provides a wide variety of customised smart home solutions which are designed exclusively for its valued customers, considering that some of the customers view security system from their very unique aesthetics perspective. Apart from that, certain scene settings should also be customised in order to fulfil occasional extraordinary environmental needs.
In all, there is no way a customer will not feel at ease in the projects entrusted to City SME Sdn. Bhd.


MYCiTY Provide Smart Home System, customer is able to monitor home situation & remotely control appliances such as, TV, air-conditioning, lighting, fans, curtain, and other devices, with just a smart phone or tablet in hand.
In Conclusion, this combination of Smart Switches, Alarm, CCTV & Fingerprint Door Lock that will bring excellence benefits to the user to enjoy the smart lifestyle, convenience, elegance, & comfort lifestyle.


• The Asia Pacific International Honesty Enterprise – Keris Award 2013, Honesty Product

• Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand 2013 (Emerging Enterprise)



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