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About me

Air conditioner maintenance services
- To saving on electrical consumption.
- Improve efficiency.
- Cleaner and Healthier air.
- Prevention of system breakdown.
- Early detection of any abnormal function to
prevent major repairs.

Air conditioner Installation
- We provide standard, quality and
professional installation for air conditioner. 


My services

At Blueaire Services, our services can be described as follows:-
A) Installation
In order to ensure customer satisfaction, we always provide with experienced Technician and quality materials for all our air conditioner installation works. We believe in quality and reliability to provide professional work for our customers.

B) Maintenance Service
Regular maintenance of air conditioner is essential to keep the equipment operates at tip top condition. The benefits of having the air conditioner to be services and maintained at regular intervals are as follows:-
» Healthier and cleaner air
» The air conditioner will cool better and therefore reduced
electricity consumption.
» Prolong durability of air conditioner
» Prevent water dripping and condensation problems
» Early detection of any abnormal function to prevent
major repairs
Our maintenance services are divided into 3 different types, namely, Basic Servicing, Standard Servicing and Superior Servicing. Selection of servicing type is very much depending on usage patterns and environment factors.
C) Checking and Troubleshooting of Faulty Unit
This service provides professional troubleshooting to air conditioner when there is a breakdown or faulty of the system. Our trained Technicians will evaluate the problem and propose solution to customer and the cost of repair. 

My achievements

At Blueaire Services, it has always been our effort to ensure that the deliverables of our air conditioning services and product to our customers are prompt, reliable as follows:
It is our main objective to provide reliable and quality services to our customers at all times. Our experienced staff manages and ensures that our service quality control standards are met.
We always welcome and encourage your enquiries, feedback and complaints as opportunities to understand your needs better. We shall therefore promptly respond to all your interactions with us.

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