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Serving since October 2017
Last service completed on 20 Nov 2017
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Our mission

Our commitment is to leave everyone house with a smile and joy from our customer after our service. Your continuous support is our motivation to strive forward and we really love to listen from you.

Our vision

Our vision is to provide everyone the most convenient and quality D2D service where you no longer have to sort it out yourself either on house cleaning or laundry. We love what we do and we believe in to deliver you the best quality of service from now to future.

Our story

Blink Blink cleaning starting up with just 7 workers including supervisor and cleaners back to 2015. It started up with a concept of delivering the cleaning service and the desire to start up a business with his own by a group of young people. Year to year, day by day, BBC grown up to a team of 30 now in 2017. We no longer just provide you part time cleaning service, with also our new laundry service. We target to become your “one stop solution of households” in someday in future. BBC would like to express our duties of gratitude thanks to the support of our dearest customers throughout the year. We been through many challenges, problems and complaints but we would never give up to improve ourselves in order to serve you better. Last but not least, it’s a small milestone achieves by BBC and we are committed and ready to serve you accordingly to our tagline “Your ultimate cleaning partner”.


Move in/Move out
-Moving is undoubtedly a hassle and a headache, no matter how good or fast you think you’ll be able it to handle it yourself…

This is the main reason for anyone to hire our team, in order to make sure that the burden of mopping all the corners of your property will be done thoroughly, on time and with no partaking of your own!

So, brace yourself for a profound clean up help!

Office Cleaning
-The more staff members your office has, the more often you will need to be performing a major cleanup, right? So whether big or small in size, your office needs diligent office cleaning to occur on a regular basis…

Each day we make sure to empty trash bins and replace the bags.
We vacuum all of your carpets diligently
We always sweep and mop wood and tile floors

House Cleaning
-Basically, cleaning up a house requires a bit less time and struggle than when you do it in a house, still mind your time and outsource this kind of job to professionals!

There are few feelings worse than coming home and finding yourself at a need to do the cleaning. That’s why having someone else perform a quick cleanup using safe & eco-friendly cleaning supplies is such a seductive idea…


Cooperation with Desa Park City Cleaners
-We cooperate with one of the finest residential in Malaysia, Desa Park City.



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