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B&N home
décor is a group experienced and skilled in the projects sector, specifically in build-up and extension segments.
Smart home features enhance comfort and bigger space while security features ensure tranquility unperturbed. Smart investor and reunite concept are looking for an upgrade to suit the growing number of family member, as well as to enjoy a new premium lifestyle.

With our vast experience and expertise as a strong foundation of our business, we further strive to improve our services by putting much emphasis on strong Teamwork, transparent and open management methods, investing and adding value in Human Capital, and focusing on Customer Satisfaction. We gear all our resources to our constant efforts to deliver the best possible quality toour customersin terms of design and concept, materials, workmanship, and finished products, not forgetting methods, deadlines and project management.

Achieve the highest standards of work quality and service excellence. We also committed the quality of our services, work and also processes. We comply with the industry’s standards of procedures and processes, thus ensuring that all our works are done to the highest standard and not leave anything to chance. It is through this commitment to quality and our experience.

• Enhance the quality of life for society through our innovativeintegrated construction activities and services. 

• Provide value added construction solutions and services that satisfy the needs and expectations of customers.


Our company
  principal activity is to carry on the business of housing developers and as contractors for the construction, erection, maintenance, repair, alteration, building and renovation of any buildings, structures, works, public or private of whatever nature including the earthwork thereon and to supply, buy, sell and generally deal in all kinds of building materials, hardware, machineries and to prepare and specification of all types of buildings and constructions.


1. 56, Jln SR 7/5, Serdang Raya, Selangor(Rebuild)
2. 3, Lorong 3, Bukit Juru, Penang(Extension)
3. 22, Jln SR 7/4, Serdang Raya (Extension)
4. Aeon Big(External Maintenance)
5. Aeon Big(Interior Maintenance)
6. Sg Buloh (Lot E-15, Jln MP 54) (Structure with renovation –Bungalow)
7. Jinjang, Kepong (Lot PT 26582)(structure with renovation –Semi D)



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Tiling Installation
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2 ratings

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Mr over 5 years ago

work fast, responsible and negotiable price.

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Raja over 5 years ago

Inexperience, lazy, all in all terrible service! Hired him to for toilet renovation and room extension. 1. Tiles for the toilet were not properly installed, was given the excuse it was 'too small' but was charged extra nevertheless and still was not properly installed. Gaps between tiles were not filled with grouting altho he claimed he has done it. 2. Toilet basin uses the WC piping so now stuck with low pressured water. 3. All suggestions were met with excuses excuses excuses, but when we met him at first he 'over promised' by saying he could do everything. 4. His work/ staff work is very messy and sloppy (a tile that broke due to a hole was 'attached' together with obvious crack marks and we're supposed to 'accept' it). How they can work in this line of business amazes me. Now I'm stuck with a bigger mess that he has left and will have to spend extra to repair the toilet. If you are still thinking of hiring him, get a contract to cover yourself and also, experience contractor. Have complained to Kaodim which they have not responded to. Will not be using this platform anymore unfortunately. Had to give him 1* in order for this review to go through.

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