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Aunt Zenny House cleaning service
42 Reviews

  • Geoffrey
  • Selesa Jaya , 81300, Skudai, Johor
  • JM0748717-P

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About me

We clean as if are cleaning our own home.
Free Service :

• Dettol Sanitization

• Zip Polishing (except Main Gate)

• Pest Control (Natural Microorganisma Technic Insect Repeller)

Call WhatsApp or SMS :
Mr Geoffrey 011-26822204
Licence no: JM0748717-P


My services

These are the services we currently offer our customers:

• ​After Renovation

• Move in / Move out

• Weekly office cleaning

• General Spring Deep cleaning

• High Pressure water Pump

• Landscape

• Laundry service

My achievements

KSL Ulu Tiram 84 house unit cleaning

Reviews & Rating

i booked 22nd jan one show up until i call n he claim got jam then can only reach at the same time i check the gps apps call wave,there is no jam at all from taman university to permas.then 4pm he did not show up again,once call he claim jam can only reach at 5pm.seriously 5pm,i didnt know who will want to do cleaning at 5pm!!! but it ok,i still wait,guess wad !!!! i wait till 520pm they still did not show up!! what a lousy service!! waste my promo code RM38 somemore,i have no idea whether kaodim is going to pay them this money not,if yes please do not release the money!! and i strongly request kaodim give me back my promo RM38.bad experience!!!


by jacky - 25 Jan 2017

Hi Mr Jacky we already inform you that we will be late . And we reach there 515pm keep calling you , you not answer the call . We almost lose Rm300 . You can check with the security guard .

by Aunt Zenny House cleaning service - 31 Jan 2017


by justin hew - 24 Jan 2017

Good cleaning and friendly.. Will hire again..


by Jeffery - 28 Dec 2016


by Evelyn Voon - 28 Dec 2016

Fast respond. Quite ok.


by Fiona - 27 Dec 2016

Good Services !


by Jessica - 12 Dec 2016


by Zarita Tajuddin - 12 Dec 2016


by SHYAN - 12 Dec 2016

very good service, on time and my house become very clean. satisfy with the work.


by azyyati - 21 Nov 2016


by Stephy - 18 Nov 2016