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I am a fitness enthusiast, certified personal trainer, obstacle sports athlete who takes fitness and strength training profoundly. Through the interest in various sports, they have helped me understand human movement little better every day. Ever since I started my career as a personal trainer, I intent to assist my clients to live healthier, feel stronger, look better and achieve fitness goals with all my knowledge and experience.

My experience in Fitness coaching started off in 2016 teaching community classes in the park with anybody that has interest in bodyweight exercises. In 2018, I have then started doing freelance personal training in Kaodim and it has helped me gain the experience.
In 2019, I have decided to pursue the Certified PT certification from NASM and transition to a full time trainer. In late 2019, my team has started a bodyweight training gym, O-Zone Fitness and has then help to bring up more trainers in teaching 1-1 training and group calisthenics classes.


In my experience, I will suggest you to commit to a 3 or 6 months workout program to reach your goal. My experience in coaching are working towards:
i) Improved physique (lose weight, gain muscles, toning)
ii) Improvement in strength and fitness performance
iii) Core and lower body stability for injury prevention
iv) Other goals could be discussed

One most common mistake a lot of people make and has prevented them to reach for their goal is that they do not commit to a plan, they work out whenever they feel like and often not consuming a proper diet in line with their goal. It is easy to lose motivation when you are not seeing the results and unsure you are doing it right or wrong. That's why personal trainer exists! We help you to achieve your goal and not waste your effort in trying out.

You may browse through my Instagram for more content and information - cwai_leong
Do check out O-Zone Fitness for other fitness related services


- NASM CPT certified
- Obstacle Course Finalists (Urban attack velocity 2019)
- Calisthenics movements (L sit, Back lever, Front lever, Muscle up, etc.)



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