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47400, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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About me

Art of Love ~~ Create with Passion.

Art of Love is a wedding and social events company, creating the city's most gracious and glamorous weddings since 2000. With us, you are expected to work with a group of event professionals, also wedding specialist. What sets us apart (aside from our massive experience) is our passion. We are dedicated to crafting refined, elegant and truly memorable weddings, private events and corporate events for both domestic and international clientele, smallest to the largest events.

Mission: Committed to transgress client's vision to reality. Together, we build successful and memorable unique events that connect people from all walks of life. We deliver the result. 

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My services

Weddings: We are wedding specialists. There is never anything more important than planning the perfect celebration of a marriage. With our calm demeanor, help our clients relax as we creates one-of-a-kind parties of your dreams. Taking care the minor details and lifting the entire burden of your wedding planning. We will guide you through the wedding process, providing a comprehensive service which includes the management, coordination, logistical planning, conceptualization, styling and design of the wedding.

Corporate & Events: Our mission is to transgress clients' vision into reality through innovation and creation. We listen, we understand and we deliver the results. Other events would include corporate (ie: annual dinner, year-end party) and social functions (such as, birthdays, anniversaries).

Event Styling: We believe that every event is unique and it's our goal to create the atmosphere that are just as unique. We set the scene, create the mood. We transform the space and enhance the ambience. We create the event atmosphere of your choice.

We provide also:

• Concept development

• Custom decoration, set & scenic styling

• Custom invitation, menu & print collateral design

• Customized furniture, fabrics and props

• Tabletop designs

• Drapery and linen

• Lighting and special effects design

• Logistic planning ie transportation

If you wish to seek assistance on other services than the above, speak to us and we are happy to explore with you.

My achievements

Weddings: Our clients are busy professionals who look to us to save them time and reduce stress so they can truly enjoy the planning process and the wedding day. We've designed weddings for couples based abroad (UK, Hong Kong, Japan, Scotland, just to name a few) and locally.

Corporate: Samsung, Sanofi, Abbott, Dr Kong and others.

Event Styling: Official Partner with Mandarin Oriental Engagement Party, featured in Signature Weddings Magazine, the Luxury Issue and many more