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About me

We are an Interior Design painting Specialist who provides services to paint and decorate your home with style and modern design. By using the method of hand-painted stencil and we were able to change the mood and cheerfulness into your home from ordinary to extraordinary . With minimum cost is affordable for all groups throughout the country 

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My services

  • Normal Background Painting service and treatment.
  • features wall stencil pattern painting
  • ceiling stencil pattern painting
  • Murals wall and ceiling painting ex: cartoon,clouds and more
  • Textured painting using nippon momento or sancora product
  • Glow in the dark and uv light painting. 

My achievements

 Projects at the request of private customers through the marketing system to house individuals and 2003-2015 more than 4000 homes in malaysia and 5% at singapore

Tajrii SPA

 AchikPrinting Sdn Bhd

 Major Golden Fine Art Gallery

Nurin Makeover beauty

Alam Medic Clinic Wangsa Maju

Laboratory Department KPJ hospitals Rawang, Selangor and Ampang Puteri.

Ward At Annur Specialist Hospital At Bandar baru Bangi Selangor