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About me

Marriage is a bonding of two souls where a commitment has been made to love, trust and care for each other eternally. It is the times where you and your loved ones get to enliven this exciting and memorable occasion, as it only happen once in most people’s life.

As you look forward to this anticipated glorious day, the expectations and outcome of this alluring occasion are definitely high as you want it to be SPECIAL. This would require some good planning beforehand however it does consume a lot of time and effort and may caused some people unnecessary stress. You can avoid all this and ensure your wedding day go perfectly and beautifully by leaving that task and responsibility to us, the Wedding Planning Professionals. After all, this is the most important day of your life, when all your friends and loved ones gather together to celebrate with you and your partner!

We have been in this line of work for many years so with our experience we not only understand the demands of our clients but we have the capability to anticipate your needs, wants and desires. Engaging our services can really take the pressure off you and help to make your big day special. We will take the hassle of planning every last detail from you as we are prepared to manage the majority of the groundwork leading up to your event. We will assist in gathering all the necessary information and help source the required suppliers/vendors or venue. All information will be diligently made available to you with all the facts and figures so that you can determine your budget and make an informed decision. This will save you countless hours of your precious time. The abundance of creativity in our team can also help you conceptualize your theme with the appropriate designs and decorations in accordance. Lastly, we would like to ensure you that the coordination during the actual day will be executed efficiently thus eliminating any stress that you or your partner may experience.

Our services are extended to cover any Social or Corporate events, as our associates are more than ready to accept any projects, locally or internationally. We are confident in delivering our services with highly skilled efficiency. 

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My services


Beach Wedding | Themed Wedding | Garden Wedding | Destination Wedding | Cultural Wedding | Vow Renewal Wedding | Ceremonies | Receptions | Cocktails | Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties | Floral Decorations | Catering  l 


Welcome Party l Birthday Party | Anniversary  Party |  Graduation  Party  | Fundraising Party | Kids Party  | Beach Party  |  Club Party  |  Cruise Party |  Cocktail Party  |  Tea Party  | Dinner Party  | Farewell Party  | Private Party  |  Costume Party  

Planning Services

Conceptualization  |  Visualization  |  Idea Generation  |  Event Design  | Layout Drawings  | Decorations  | Outdoor & Indoor Setup  |  Floral Arrangements  | Outdoor Catering |On-Site Coordination  | Pre & Post Coordination  | Supplier Sourcing  | Emcee Sourcing  | Talent Sourcing  |  Entertainment Sourcing  | Labour Sourcing  | Venue Sourcing  |  License & Permit Application  | Sound & Light Supplies | Photography  | Videography  | Merchandising  |  

My achievements

1) Engaging Antiga Creative Works as our wedding planner was the best and luckiest thing in our destination wedding preparation, we always said so and thought so. Josephine was always there whenever I wanted to discuss anything. She's patient and understandable. The client's benefits and interests are always her priorities. Maybe I used all my luck during the preparation stage, met so many nice vendors, the deadly storm on 8 August, 15 minutes before the ceremony and reception, vanished the whole setup we designed during the last one year. It was heartbreaking to me, surely to every bride for a disaster like this, and undoubtably to Josephine, she spent so much effort and time on the details. The next thing was amazing. Under one hour, Antiga Creative Works and the crew at Lone Pine Hotel rebuilt a whole new wedding ceremony and reception setup, seemed like they were originally designed like that. Everything was so smooth. All of our guests really enjoyed the night. Although we have said many times, but once again, thank you to the crew at Antiga, especially Josephine.

Marcus & JingJing (Australia), 18 September 2015, Wedding Ceremony & Dinner at Lone Pine Hotel, Penang

2) Finally settled back home in Australia after our daughters wedding at the Park Royal on the 13th of September, can not recommend this wonderful business enough..5 star plus all the way, nothing was to hard, nothing impossible to achieve.. Josephine was incredibly helpful and helped our daughter and son in law achieve their dream wedding...

Debbie Heng (Australia), 28 September 2014, ROM, Ceremony & Wedding Dinner at Park Royal Hotel, Penang