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The Modern Pest Control Company

Anticimex Pest Management is part of an international modern pest control company with its head office located in Stockholm, Sweden. Since we were founded in Sweden in 1934 we have been at the forefront of our field, offering the best solutions available in order to give our customers peace of mind.

Incorporated in Malaysia in 2017, Anticimex currently has approximately 4,500 employees serving 3 million customers in 17 countries. We are currently the 4th Largest Pest Control Company.

Anticimex in Malaysia provides integrated pest control, termite management, and fumigation services to government and commercial organizations of all sizes across all business sectors as well as the residential sector. We strongly believe that through prevention, new technology and sustainable solutions, we meet the new demands for healthy environments, for both individuals and companies.


Termites, Cockroaches, Ants, Rodents, Mosquitoes, House flies, Bed Bugs & etc

If you’re looking for proven and effective commercial pest control at your worksite, warehouse, restaurant or other commercial property, Anticimex Pest Management Sdn Bhd is able to provide the ultimate pest control solutions and ensure a clean and safe workplace for all.

With an extensive list of commercial customers already benefitting from Anticimex’s professional pest control services, now is the time to safeguard your commercial entity by conducting a thorough pest inspection.

Anticimex Pest Management Sdn Bhd believes that our home is our foundation and a Healthy Home is equivalent to a strong foundation. Therefore you can trust us to deliver thorough and comprehensive residential pest inspections, to locate and work to effectively to eradicate pests including termites at your home.

Keep your family and your home safe from dangerous pests and bugs by enlisting the services offered by Anticimex.

Anticimex is pleased to introduce a one of its kind and first ever product to be brought into the market called SMART, a more intelligent solution for pest control. SMART is an intelligent system that keeps an eye on things you don’t want to see. By constantly monitoring and instantly reacting, it prevents costly infestations in an environmentally friendly way. Add the services traditionally provided by us, and you will get a solution that gives you the best of two worlds, automation and expertise. Depending on the variety of SMART system used, it operates in a form of a wireless contraption which can be placed either directly in sewerage pipes, or internal and external of a building/resident. Its sensors detect the heat of the rats and once trapped inside the box, it instantly kills efficiently and painlessly and will be washed out with the sewage water or deposited in a sealed container. The end result is a cleaner and healthier environment. SMART aims to create a SMART City with Good Health.


World 4th Largest Pest Control Company



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