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Welcome!   Aman Success  is a one stop service provider for your home and office. We emphasize and pay attention to details and always go the extra mile for all our clients because your satisfaction is our main priority. We have 17 years of experience working in cleaning service. Other companies may offer similar services but our company strives to provide the best services and cleaning to your specific needs.
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Carpet Cleaning, Event / Party Cleanup, Highrise Cleaning, House Cleaning, Housekeeping Services, Moving In & Out / After Renovation / Thorough Cleaning, Office / Commercial Cleaning, Part Time Cleaning Services, Part Time Maid Services, cut the tree, grass cutting, office / factory full time and part time cleaning service


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Chan Tong Kwun 4 days ago

Not exactly a deep cleaning, to me. It seems like a normal cleaning. As I told the handler some part of the house will be stained and grease (kitchen), but no special equipment or tools being used to clean it. At the end, the place is still looks dirty especially towards the end the cleaners are rushing. Overall, satisfy with the general cleaning.

Yin Liang Lim 5 days ago

Floor still have dust after cleaning... I still need to mop another time after their service.

TOONG HUI LING 6 days ago

Hi there, on 17th January, 2020 Aman Resources sent 2 cleaners to do deep cleaning and mattress cleaning at 10am. They called and informed me they will reach latest by 10.45am, but reach 11am. Previously, I requested for mattress cleaning as I thought they using a machine that wont cause much noise, as mentioned. I reconfirmed again, but, they bring a rather noisy one, so, I do not wish to do such services, and, they told me they will they their bosd to exclude the charges (which now dont)... They help me deep clean about 400sq (my place is about that big include bathroom) ended before 1pm. They ask me need to write comments and hope a good one. Then I wrote a rather good one since they requested (I did not really check and ask them dont use vacuum as they say it will noisy as well) and will exclude mattress cleaning charges in the final billing. Afterward I do some checking, there is still dusts on my tables and bathroom's basin, but, I did not check when they finished works, so, partially I have my fault too. And, I was curious why they did mot throw any dust particulars and rubbish into the rubbish bag (other than those I pre-packed for them ti throw) because they sweep into my drain my bathroom and causing it clogged where I spend some money to take the rubbish out and clean the clog. I thoight they were professional since they know what to do, seems like it is wrong after I incurred extra costs to clear the mess they caused. Plus, not really a deep cleaning since it still has dust where I need to clean it myself. I just hope them to improve their services and dont sweep the rubbish into the drain (it cause clog and luckily it didnt flood my room), and take out the mattress cleaning expenses. This was the first and last time using their services, in future, I would not want them to service me again. Thanks.

Sheila 8 days ago

Agreed time is 11:00 and they reached home 12:30. Without any advice until i made the first move to contact them. Cleaning wise, it’s fine but not the best.

Rafidah Abdul Jamal 10 days ago

Excellentservice selectedExcellent Service
Johnny Ng 13 days ago

Reasonableprice selectedReasonable Price
Excellentservice selectedExcellent Service
Fastefficient selectedFast and Efficient
Punctual selectedPunctual
Helpfulfriendly selectedHelpful & Friendly
Respsonsive selectedResponsive
Emily Cheah 14 days ago

Realize they came in to do normal cleaning. Not deep cleaning. The guy is really good.the lady does discount on cleanliness. I'll give the guy 5 star.

Woo Chue Guan 14 days ago

Punctual selectedPunctual
Helpfulfriendly selectedHelpful & Friendly
Respsonsive selectedResponsive
Muhammad Azlan Masof 18 days ago

Excellentservice selectedExcellent Service
Helpfulfriendly selectedHelpful & Friendly
Respsonsive selectedResponsive
Nurifin bin Mahmud 25 days ago

Good work done

Excellentservice selectedExcellent Service
Fastefficient selectedFast and Efficient
Valueformoney selectedValue for Money

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