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About me

Welcome!   Aman Success  is a one stop service provider for your home and office. We emphasize and pay attention to details and always go the extra mile for all our clients because your satisfaction is our main priority. We have 17 years of experience working in cleaning service. Other companies may offer similar services but our company strives to provide the best services and cleaning to your specific needs.

Why Choose Us?

  • Competitive prices.
  • Professional, friendly and reliable service.
  • High quality cleaning service.
  • our cleaners are highly trained and legitimate.
  • We pay attention to details.
  • extensive range of services.

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My services

Carpet Cleaning, Event / Party Cleanup, Highrise Cleaning, House Cleaning, Housekeeping Services, Moving In & Out / After Renovation / Thorough Cleaning, Office / Commercial Cleaning, Part Time Cleaning Services, Part Time Maid Services, cut the tree, grass cutting, office / factory full time and part time cleaning services.

My achievements

our previous clients :

Segi Astana sdn bhd. 

Acella tecnology

Hydac sdn bhd

Job Malaysia

Nedec sdn bhd

Kladivo (M) sdn bhd

Nusa Petro

Redbull Malaysia sdn bhd


Ratings & reviews

  • byMrs. Susan Ho -22 Mar 2017Weekly Cleaning (1 month, 4 sessions) inTaman Andaman Ukay
  • byMann -10 Mar 2017Office / Commercial Cleaning inSetapak
  • "In terms of corresponding with me, they were really professional and efficient. The cleaner showed up on time. I had 1 cleaner for 4 hours for a 3 bedroom condo. She cleaned all the windows (except kitchen) and 3 ceiling fans in the first 2 hours. To be fair, I think she got very tired and therefore the work she did wasn't quite up to standard for the remaining time. I found the inside of my bathroom cupboard half flooded after she left. I think that was because she hosed down the counter and bathroom. Overall, she tried very hard and did her best. "

    byWendy -24 Feb 2017Cleaning Service (1 session) inSolaris Mont Kiara
  • byJiun -23 Feb 2017Weekly Cleaning (1 month, 4 sessions) inSetapak
  • "they are on time, as we are the one who is a bit delayed . we add additional payment for the cleaning utilities since its easier for us . they are reliable despite a bit of communication hiccup from us . the cleaning quality however is so so. the floor all is ok, but the bathroom floors was surprisingly looking still dirty, but it may be due to time shortage since its a big compound . apart from that, is ok. "

    bychez halimi -12 Feb 2017Cleaning Service (1 session) inTaman Sri Rampai
    Aman success resources ( 002381300-M)

    Thank you for giving us rating, we try to improve our services, but 2 hours with 2 cleaners couldnt cover all work with 3k sq ft house. Actualy this house is emty unit, so need to hire move out cleaning not basic cleaning. This bungalow house with 6 bath rooms and 4 level floors. A lot of rubbish need to throw from level 4 to out house,,, cleaner already request need to additional time for 2 or 3 hours more than can finish work. But customer not agree to add time because he just imformed cleaner need to sweep n mop floor n throw rubbish with 2 hours time. Cleaner already informed for clean bath room n wipe n clean windows not enough time. We need time to clean unit properly n its not our fault if quality services unsatified because not enough time to clean bungalow house 4 level, wt 3k sq ft.

  • byJessie lo chin wei -08 Feb 2017Cleaning Service (1 session) inSentul
  • "Positive Point: 1 star for their arrival sharp on time. Negative Points: Overall I didnt like the service at all. They left sharp after 2 hrs leaving the entire floor full of stains. I asked them multiple times to clean the floor. Only the first time some chemical was used but that was too of no use. Later they kept mopping using water. Many areas were not cleaned properly. They cdnt even speak English so was hard time to instruct. When I complained Nisha for the poor cleaning, she said that they didn't quote for tough stains removal. This sounded highly ridiculous to me. Last but not the least, I asked for the receipt that I never got. For sure never going to use their service ever again."

    byShagufta Mubasher -07 Feb 2017House Cleaning inBatu Caves
    Aman success resources ( 002381300-M)

    Sorry for unsatified services, u booked us for basic cleaning, rm 80 for 2 hours with 2 cleaners. but u asked cleaners did initial cleaning, ur marbel tiles already spoiled with hard stains for so long, n that stains already its cant clean with normal basic cleaning detergent which i provided for basic cleaning materials, my cleaners did mop it 3 times n srubbed marbel tiles by hand marbel was few times. That stains already exofep in side. need extensive cleaning n special marbels remove stains n need to scrub tiles by mechine than can see the result. U need to know in kaodim app have many cleaning catagory n basic cleaning couldnt clean it, u need tu request deep cleaning or extensive cleaning or marbel tiles cleaning than can clean it. Just last 3 days before u requested on kaodim for after renovation cleaning so u know already basic cleaning can not clean it. N that day i didnt sound u just explained that our detergent for basic cleaning couldnt clean it. I already emai to u that receipt last 3 days, please u check it. Thanks

  • "The cleaners were very good and efficient. They cleaned my house very well. Will hire them again. So punctual. very good."

    byZakera Wadud -07 Feb 2017House Cleaning inJalan Kuching
  • "Came on time. Very efficient and polite workers. Did a wonderful job. Will hire again."

    byEzly Onn -05 Feb 2017House Cleaning inAmpang
    Aman success resources ( 002381300-M)

    Thankyou so much pn, please cll me if need services nextime

  • "Quality is good and efficient. Would engage their service again."

    byJean wang -24 Jan 2017House Cleaning inSentul
    Aman success resources ( 002381300-M)

    Thankyou ms Jean. We try to improve good services next time