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About me


I'm Alif Mastor and I'm a freelance Videographer since 2009. Its started as a hobby and become my part-time business. I realy enjoy doing video and has become one of my passion. Because of that, I spend alot time and capital to enhance my videography skill.

I own two Canon DSLR Camera, Canon 5d mk2 fullframe camera & Canon 7d and varity of lenses from wide angle to prime lenses and telephoto. For special effect equipment i use a stabilizer, slider and a quacopter drone. 

During my normal day, I work as an architect and a part-time lecturer. Since Creativity is the most important element in my line of work, I realy focus on the framing & highlighting the magical or most important moments and the details which make the video full of content  and feels. :)

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My services

We are providing a videography service which includes:





-Birthday Party


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