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I was overweight myself few years back. But with determination and hard work, I managed to lose weight with simple exercise routines and classic caloric deficit diet. Feeling great and comfortable in your own body is the number one reason I felt the need to help others to achieve their dream body.

Why choose me as your personal trainer?
- I am a National Certified Personal Trainer by NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine). Check my accreditation here;

What type exercise will you be doing and will it be the same with others?
- I will personally craft your exercise routines based on the assessment and your ability.
- No, every person body is different and it won't be the same between each person. Hence, why you need personal training.


I believe in educating plus training my client at the same time. The first thing that we will work on is to fix on the body posture with simple stabilisation exercise. As you get stronger and understand more on how your body move, we will progress to endurance, strength and muscle hypertrophy. It will all depends on your goal and how you wanted your body to look like as the final results.

If you are unsure about your goals, we can always have a discussion about how to set a goals realistically.

How you will be working out with me.
1st session; Physical Assessment (compulsory)
1st month: Body stabilisation exercise
2nd month: Progressing to muscle endurance
3rd month: Focusing on maximal strength or hypertrophy


NASM Certified Personal Trainer



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