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No. 7-1, Jalan Reko Sentral 8, Taman Reko Sentral, 43000, Kajang, Selangor

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About me

Adam ikhlas maid & cleaning services are registered trademark managed by embun daun sdn bhd. The company was established on october 2010 as total solutions provider for residential & building cleaning.

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My services

House / office renovation include: extention / partition / painting / ceiling / tiling / fencing / plumbing / wiring / aircon service

My achievements

We have a systematic scheduling system & we manage cleaning for more than 50 residential / commercial units daily!

1 Kaodim customer who hired us said:

"This company is very professional at their service and knowledgeable.  I will likely engage them again in the future for any cleaning job"

-Rick Tee

Ratings & reviews

  • "For thr price I paid I got value for money. The maids worked non stop & did a good job. Sweeping & mopping wss very thorough."

    byJahariah -27 Apr 2017House Cleaning inSection U10, Alam Budiman, Shah Alam
  • "Communication with management wise is good but in terms of the cleaning services extended by the helpers they're not up to standard. Does not clean well and bathroom still left dirty and my mom had to wash and scrub the walls and floors herself after. Unsatisfactory service hence cancelled after 1st time. Not hiring from this company again."

    byJaclyn -26 Apr 2017Weekly Cleaning (1 month, 4 sessions) inSS19, Subang
  • "Cleaning services was satisfactory overall but punctuality will require improvement"

    byKok Seng Hong -26 Apr 2017Cleaning Service (1 session) inBatu 9 Cheras
  • "I wouldn't even rate but I have no choice but to put at least a star. Work wasn't great, and some things were missing after they left, bad after service. "

    bySamantha tham -19 Dec 2016Moving Out, After Renovation, Thorough Cleaning inBandar Baru Sri Petaling
    Adam Ikhlas Maid & Cleaning Services

    Thanks for using our services. For the missing things, we already discuss about it and its only misunderstood. Besides this, we cannot do that bad things from any company. We apologise to you for let this things happen and we hope you are not regret to use our services again. Thank you.

  • "4 hours with 3 personnel is not sufficient to clean my double-storey (20x70) house. Not all part of my house being cleaned. Suggest cleaning company to have a call interview with the requester before start services to negotiate the pricing if they know 4 hours can't fully clean up the house. Thanks."

    byAlan Chia -18 Dec 2016House Cleaning inSungai Buloh
    Adam Ikhlas Maid & Cleaning Services

    Hi mr alan, thanks for your booking and review. I'm sorry behalf my staff that we can't do the perfect work at your house. Actually i already discuss with supervisor and their maid that they not have enough time for cleaning all part of your house. For the next visit, we try to do better than before. Hopefully you not tired to use our services again.

  • "+ve: the cleaning looked/felt/seemed nice & clean. they came in early. the supervisor explained all effort/works done for the cleaning. -ve: upon closer look, there was dust/spider web on the curtain rails. they should let the place dried for a while before declared their job as complete/even near complete. they should not rush (or seemed rush) the cleaning they're currently doing in order to catch their next job; the should time themselves a bit better."

    byardh -12 Dec 2016Moving Out, After Renovation, Thorough Cleaning inPutra Height
    Adam Ikhlas Maid & Cleaning Services

    Hi mr ardh, thanks for your feedback. +ve: we hope you are satisfied with our work and continue to use our services in the future. -ve : we apologize for any mistake that occur. Our employees do not have enough time to do all the work because they do not focus on doing their job that have given and it was a mistake but we promise that will not be happen again.

  • "They came an hour late from the promised time and I have to keep calling them to ask for their estimated time. Some workers were very professional in cleaning, but there is a guy who was very messy and I have to keep watch him and ask him to re-do some parts. Their cleaning tools are very basic, old cloth, old mop and old ladder. Had to ask them wash everything with dettol first because they look musty. I am not too sure if is value for money or more for my convenient that most of the dust (from renovation) is being clean up because after they leave I did another round of basic clean up. "

    byOng Ying Xin -06 Dec 2016Moving Out, After Renovation, Thorough Cleaning inSri Hartamas
    Adam Ikhlas Maid & Cleaning Services

    Hi ms ong, thank you for your review and booking for the last time. Sorry for late to reply your text. Actually my staff already call u about the case. I have admonished my staff about that attitude because last evening they have overtime at other place. I'm really sorry about that. As you know, all materials very dusty and this mistake is from our workers and i promised that will not be happen again. You can call my office and do it repwat again (1 hours). Thanks.

  • "Fast but need to be more detailed cleaning"

    byYenyen -20 Nov 2016House Cleaning inSungai Long
    Adam Ikhlas Maid & Cleaning Services

    Hi miss yenyen, thank you for your compliment. Hope you disstisfied and recommended to all your friends.

  • "Maid and supervisor are friendly and the important thing is they come on time. Our employees do the excellent work therefour our customers are satisfied with our quality maintainance and they will use our services again and customer sustified . I don't need to supervise all of them . All the employees are reliable and dependable . "

    byBaby -16 Nov 2016Moving Out, After Renovation, Thorough Cleaning inKajang
    Adam Ikhlas Maid & Cleaning Services

    Hi, thanks miss baby to compliment you are very satisfying. Actually our employees are happy to do all the job that are given because they are comfortable with the host and cooperate very well.

  • "Good things are the maids arrived on timeand they were friendly. But the services were just ok. There were areas that was not prperly cleaned"

    bySalina Din -11 Nov 2016House Cleaning inBangi
    Adam Ikhlas Maid & Cleaning Services

    Hi miss salina, thanks for your feedback. After this, we promise to improve the quality of work and better cleaning.