Adam Ikhlas Maid & Cleaning Services

Rating: 3.5255 (196 reviews)

No. 7-1, Jalan Reko Sentral 8, Taman Reko Sentral, 43000, Kajang, Selangor

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About me

Adam ikhlas maid & cleaning services are registered trademark managed by embun daun sdn bhd. The company was established on october 2010 as total solutions provider for residential & building cleaning.

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My services

House / office renovation include: extention / partition / painting / ceiling / tiling / fencing / plumbing / wiring / aircon service

My achievements

We have a systematic scheduling system & we manage cleaning for more than 50 residential / commercial units daily!

1 Kaodim customer who hired us said:

"This company is very professional at their service and knowledgeable.  I will likely engage them again in the future for any cleaning job"

-Rick Tee

Ratings & reviews

  • "Fast but need to be more detailed cleaning"

    byYenyen -20 Nov 2016House Cleaning inSungai Long
  • "Maid and supervisor are friendly and the important thing is they come on time. Our employees do the excellent work therefour our customers are satisfied with our quality maintainance and they will use our services again and customer sustified . I don't need to supervise all of them . All the employees are reliable and dependable . "

    byBaby -16 Nov 2016Moving Out, After Renovation, Thorough Cleaning inKajang
  • "Good things are the maids arrived on timeand they were friendly. But the services were just ok. There were areas that was not prperly cleaned"

    bySalina Din -11 Nov 2016House Cleaning inBangi
  • "Great work! Very clean and "tip top" maid. Also come on time and I'm very satisfied. Thank you Adam Ikhlas. I'll recommended our services to my friend."

    byLala -10 Nov 2016House Cleaning inBangi
  • byFarah -08 Nov 2016House Cleaning inBangi
  • "bad quality work. asked for 1 cleaner to clean my condo. came late first thing in the morning. we didn't ask her to do much actually. just clean few parts of my condo. however nothing was properly cleaned. the floor is still dusty, tables was not wiped properly, windows were not cleaned. and when she slide my bedroom curtain so forcefully, the curtain railing dropped off, we have to drill and insert again. there was not a word of sorry from her and claim it was already damaged, but i just checked everything the night before it was alright. forced to work attitude. right after she left, we have to clean the whole house ourselves . wasted our money. will not recommend them to anyone."

    byChan -05 Nov 2016House Cleaning inCyberjaya
  • byAdena -05 Nov 2016House Cleaning inTaman Bukit Mewah, Kajang
  • "1. maid came late. almost an hour. 2. poor working style until i mopped the whole house again. 3. dissatisfied with the way she worked. 4. some works are incomplete but said done. 5. overall not satisfied at all. 6. they need to improve a lot. "

    bykavitha -04 Nov 2016House Cleaning inBandar Mahkota Cheras
  • "Punctuality is good. However they seems to rush in doing the work as if wanting to finish early. This resulted in many spots unclean or missed. The spots weren't hidden but glaring spots where any cleaner should be able to spot them. There is no supervisor where I believe the cause of the missed spots. From cleaning perspective am ok and the cleaners responded politely when asked to clean the missed spots."

    byNor Azhar -03 Nov 2016House Cleaning inCyberjaya
  • "Price is reasonable. The supervisor Ita is hardworking, work done by her is good. Work done by another worker is not that satisfying and need supervision. She skipped the higher level of my grill door, and sprayed water with pipe to wash toilet regardless my air refreshener and other things that can't let water go in. "

    byCassie -31 Oct 2016House Cleaning inTaman Bukit Serdang