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Pjs 11/8, 47500, Bandar Sunway, Selangor

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About me

Aaron has been in the photography industry for over 6 years. He specializes in Corporate portraits and weddings. He places top importance in high level service and top quality work.

Aaron has shot portraits of celebrities and corporate figures internationally.

He treats each shoot as how he would shoot any top celebrity and CEO- with respect, dedication, full concentration and has an easy-going sense of humor.

Aaron Chin loves wedding. It is a celebration of love, the bond of understanding and unity. Aaron has great passion for photography. Like the blissful event of marriage where we place our heart in something we truly believe in, Aaron has the passionate desire and drive to capture moments where memories can be treasured for a lifetime.

Aaron takes pleasure to join in the merriment of your wedding. Timeless moment, modern yet traditional, little tears with wide laughter, mischievous children to classic features, Aaron Chin is here to capture your entire journey in the most beautiful and natural way.

You can never turn back the clock, but you can always flip the pages and be reminded again of the good young times. Wouldn’t it be nice to pause and look at that silver stitch on that one very expensive wedding dress, or the big rounded baby tummy you may not have at age 80, the kid with mud stain across his cheeky smile, the teary eyes of your dad as he sends you off on your wedding day, and the list goes on…

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My services

Aaron Chin’s passion is to capture the most of your experience and to expressively show others what he sees in the form of pictures. He wishes to lock that unique emotion in his art. Browse through his work that brings out the life in the pictures. Aaron Chin Photography is what you want to experience.

Aaron Chin Photography provide photography services such as:

-Portraits & Headshots

- Weddings

- Family

- Pre-Wedding

- Engagement


and many mores. Feel free to contact me so we can discuss further !

My achievements

Various Portraits and headshots of celebrities and personalities

Shot weddings of different cultures and race in and out of the country