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  • Lionel Yong
  • Bangsar South, 59200, Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur Wilayah Persekutuan

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About me

I am a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) who had gone through 200 hours of training under an approved and active Registered Yoga School (RYS).

I first started yoga in Sep 2006, with the objective of improving my body flexibility, since then, Yoga has been a part of my life for over 11 years.

I have never been so passionate about one particular thing for more than 10 years, Yoga is an exception. I believe it is a calling for me to share my yoga knowledge with others, hence, I started with my Yoga Teacher Training program.

The satisfaction when my students told me how they have improved their flexibility and strength is really indescribable.

I believe yoga is for everyone, that's why I will always understand my students' condition and needs before recommending the type of yoga that suits them, be it Gentle, Yin, Vinyasa or Hatha Yoga.

Our daily lives can be quite hectic, everyone should practise yoga to transform and uplift our bodies, mind and soul.

I highly encourage everyone to explore the possibility of yoga being a medium to assist in sculpturing your body, as well as allowing your inner peace and centre to flow throughout your body.

I dare believe you will enjoy yoga tremendously under my coaching.


My services

Types of class:

1) Private Individual (one to one)

2) Private Group (more than one pax)

3) Corporate Group (more than one pax)

Types of yoga :

1) Yin

2) Vinyasa

3) Hatha

4) Gentle

1) Yin yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga with postures, that are held for longer periods of time (3-5 minutes). Yin yoga generally targets the connective tissues (ligaments, bones, joints) of the hips, pelvis, and lower spine that normally are not exercised in other active style of Yoga practice. 

Yin yoga is a fantastic way to increase or maintain flexibility as it focuses on the areas around the joints. In the long run, it will lubricate joints, release the fascia of the body, increase flexibility and positively affect your yang practice.

It also helps to reduce stress & anxiety by calming and balancing the mind and body.

It is suitable for elderly practitioners or young practitioners with medical condition or injury.

2) Vinyasa yoga, also known as Flow Yoga because of the smooth way that the poses run together. The term Vinyasa refers to the alignment of movement and breath, which turns static asanas into a dynamic flow.

Vinyasa has both physical and mental benefits. Physically, sweat releases toxins and re-energizes our bodies. Mentally, the synchronized breathing relaxes the chatter of the mind and helps to release any blockage of energy flow throughout our bodies.

It also helps in calories-burning and muscle development, this makes it an ideal type of yoga for those who prefers active exercise.

3) Hatha Yoga. Technically, all yoga classes are hatha yoga. But this term is used most often today to describe a “basic” yoga class that is usually slower-paced and focused on the fundamentals. Hatha classes are a great place to begin to learn poses and breathing.

Hatha yoga helps with relaxing the body and fighting the stresses of the modern world.

You probably won't sweat a lot in a Hatha yoga class as compared to Vinyasa yoga class, but you should end up leaving feeling youjr body getting longer, looser and more relaxed.

4) Gentle yoga is typically described as appropriate for those who want a softer, nurturing, slow-paced, well-supported and relaxing practice. A Gentle yoga class could include some vinyasa flow, but the point is not to raise your heart rate or try to get your leg behind your head.

I particularly recommend gentle yoga for people who are stiff and out of shape, because it’s a slower practice that focuses on making it easier to get into postures. It can also be helpful for people recovering from injuries or surgery, or who have joint replacements and need to explore postures slowly and carefully.

My achievements

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT200) Certificate by Yoga Alliance.

Yoga Dimension Foundation Workshop

11 years of yoga experience

4 years of teaching experience

Reviews & Rating

Lionel is very attentive and corrects poses according to my flexibility to ensure I achieved the benefits of yoga in each poses instead of focusing on getting the poses to "look" right.



by Yukki - Yoga Lessons - 12 months ago

Wonderful yoga class and teacher ! Lionel is very passionate and put in detail in every steps. Looking forward to his next class :)



by Karen Tan Ruen Ying - Yoga Lessons - about 1 year ago

I am new to yoga. Instructor is extremely patience as he slowly showed and guided me throughout the session. The class is very enjoyable and light. Most importantly I felt relief and relax after the class. I’ll surely recommend him to my friend who are interested in taking up Yoga class.



by Charlie Lim - Yoga Lessons - about 1 year ago

Competent and experienced teacher with patience. Very glad to meet you. Thanks



by Richard Teo - Yoga Lessons - over 1 year ago

Enjoy the whole session as the instructor was able to guide us with the right pace right movement😀



by Franco - Yoga Lessons - over 1 year ago

It was a nice Hatha Vinyasa yoga class, I sweated a lot, it was exactly the kind of yoga class that I was looking for. Learnt a lot of technique too.



by Kelvin - Yoga Lessons - over 1 year ago

I was impressed with Lionel’s coaching. For starters I have been suffering from knee problem for the past 2 years. He seemed to know how to introduce exercises that alleviate the pain. I felt instant relief after the yoga session. Infact my joints were even more flexible. The is something about the yoga he teaches ie gentle yoga. It has a profound effect on me, making my overall outlook a more serene and positive one. I just feel so good about the class.



by Kim Ng - Yoga Lessons - over 1 year ago

It's a pleasure to have a student like you, I am glad that you found my yoga session beneficial and effective. In the coming sessions, I will do my best to further enhance your objective in learning yoga.

by 1001 Yoga - 3 May 2018

Excellent service. The instructor is knowledgeable and patient. This is especially encouraging for a beginner like me.



by ngoylin - Yoga Lessons - over 1 year ago

Thank you for your feedback, as you continue with the classes, you will see how yoga can help you in your flexibility and strength 😊

by 1001 Yoga - 3 May 2018

I enjoyed the Yin Yoga that he recommended to me, especially for people who are not flexible like me.



by Tan Soh Gee - Yoga Lessons - over 1 year ago

I am glad that you liked the Yin Yoga class. It will help you to improve your flexibility in the upcoming classes.

by 1001 Yoga - 3 May 2018

A very dedicated, passionate and professional yoga teacher. Will definitely arrange for another class! Enjoyed the class thoroughly! Cant wait for the next session! Thank you teacher! :)



by karmenn - Yoga Lessons - over 1 year ago

Thank you Carmen for your good rating. I am so glad that you guys enjoyed the class a lot, I could see all of you were really committed and have passion in yoga. Keep doing yoga and it will benefit your physical and your mind. Cheers!

by 1001 Yoga - 26 Apr 2018