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Here are a bunch of things you can do in Butterworth with your new-found free time

It is probably one of the most memorable in our lives. For most people, moving to a new home signifies progress and can make one curious once again. There’s so much to be done when you need to move out, and we have prepared a few tips just for that reason.


A checklist

After living in a space for a while, you may collect all sorts of things. When moving, avoid hoarding. Dispose carefully what is unnecessary and reduce the load to move. Start packing, and always keep a checklist. Start this process early, and do all cleaning works finally. Always keep a good space to move around while packing.

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Get proper help

Moving out is not an easy task. If possible, hire movers at all times, or call some friends for help if they are available. Moving heavy objects, bending down, and reaching high places can cause injuries if you are not used to doing such tasks. Avoid cramping too many things in one vehicle as this may cause loading and unloading much harder.

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Bid a happy farewell

Moving out can be a barrel of emotions to some. Children especially will tend to get sentimental about leaving the place they grew up in. Create a list using Pinterest or Trello, and add all the fun things you can do at your new place. List all new places, activities, people and facilities. Plan a farewell party and invite neighbours and friends, and have fun!


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    “Hardworking and honest movers. We used his services 5 times now since this 1st move to move all other furnitures to my relatives homes.”

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