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People gather many passion and inspiration in life, and many of us would like to reflect those during one of the most important days in our lives - wedding day. Yes, a themed weddings are a thing these days, and here is a list of some of the unique ones.

Retro wedding inspiration 26482


Party like it 1999! Go retro,  and celebrate your wedding  in good old fashion theme.  Pick an era like the 70’s or  80’s, or even renaissance.  Have a shade of brown going  on to get that nostalgic sepia  look. Pick a double­breasted  suit and a fedora for the  groom, and beautiful  traditional white dress for the  bride.  

Harry potter themed wedding cassie lewis byrom 3

Lores and Legends

Big fan of Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter? Yes, if you are feeling epic, and need to escape to a fantasy world for your wedding, go for lores and legends theme. Find a world with many details, so you can turn everything to look authentic. Coordinate music accordingly to let guests know they are about to be in an adventure. 

Star wars wedding


If you want to have a wedding in a galaxy far far way, with neon lights and stars above, pick a sci-fi theme! Science fiction is really cool. Choose from Star Wars, Star Trek or even Dr. Who. Focus on lighting and musical effects. A futuristic theme is just as awesome as a retro one. Draw hieroglyphs or Klingon or other sci-fi languages. 

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