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There are several swimming styles out there; each with its own advantage and learning the different styles allows different muscles to be worked. Here are 3 fun swimming styles to learn.



The breaststroke is often one of the first styles to be learned as a beginner as it is easier to master. In this style, both arms and legs execute the same motion simultaneously below or at water surface. The breaststroke allows the head to be kept above water level most of the time, thus reducing breathing issues and provides good visibility to improve orientation.

Freestyle stroke 2

The Freestyle Stroke

The freestyle stroke is the fastest and most efficient swimming style, thus is often used by distance swimmers and triathletes. This style is one of the harder styles to learn because not only is the face submerged in water most of the time, but it also requires advanced coordination of breathing and swimming.

Butterfly stroke 1

The Butterfly Stroke

Despite being one of the hardest styles to learn, the mastery of the butterfly stroke is highly rewarding. It is fun and beautiful, thanks to the use of wave-like body undulation and a dolphin kick. While it is an exhausting style, it is one of the fastest – coming in second after the freestyle stroke.


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