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Here are a bunch of things you can do in Puchong with your new-found free time

Staying fit during the week can be challenging when you consider the endless hours that you’ve to spend at work alone. It especially doesn’t help if your job requires being sat in front of a computer for most of that time. Instead of giving into a sedentary ‘office lifestyle’, try improvising some tasks that can help you be more active and keep unwanted weight off!

Have a go at these 3 ways to burn calories in the office:

Standing up

Standing Up

Something as simple as standing burns more calories than sitting down. Find a high table or countertop where you can stand and work on your laptop at the same time. Depending on your weight and size, you can burn in between 20-50 calories per hour. Start by scheduling in 1 to 2 hours of ‘standing work’ a day. 

Walking meeting


The more you move, the more calories you burn – fact. If you’ve scheduled a phone call or meeting with a colleague, have your discussions as you walk a lap around the office at the same time (your colleague might appreciate this as well!). Of course, do this whenever it’s practical and reasonable. 

Desk pushups refinery29


Carry out some desk exercises! Did you know that you can literally take your workout to your desk? Take small fitness breaks and do leg raises under the table, tricep dips against your desk or use wattle bottles as weights for bicep curls. There are plenty of ways you can adapt your workouts into the office area!

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Mateus aldi lawono

Elite Titanium Fitness Centre

Great for berginner.. they teach very well

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Fitness In Progress

I sweat a lot.. nice class done.

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Love the class they done.. very exciting.