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Alarm & CCTV Services in Puchong

Find the best alarm & CCTV services in Puchong now.
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Alarm & CCTV Services

We get you the best alarm & CCTV services in Puchong, so you get more free time for all the fun things in life

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The Best alarm & CCTV services in Puchong

Whenever you need alarm & CCTV services for yourself, we've got all the best professional alarm & CCTV for you!

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The Best Prices

Hire top rated alarm & cctv services in Puchong and get the job done with Kaodim, the best "service marketplace / platform" in Malaysia

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Hassle Free Lifestyle

Let Kaodim take care of your alarm & CCTV services so you can live your life hassle free.

Here are a bunch of things you can do in Puchong with your new-found free time

Now that you’ve got someone to help with your chores and some extra time to spare, why not get out and get exploring? No need to pack your bags or go all the way out of town! Whether it’s something new or something old, there are plenty of exciting places to check out in our own backyard here in Puchong.

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Thirty Two Bistro Bar

The cocktails here are cheap and they also serve some pretty good dessert. Dubbed one of the best places to celebrate someone’s birthday in Puchong, this place does not disappoint. The bar also serves really good main dishes that is worthy of trying! 

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3 Wise Monkeys Bistro & Bar

This cheekily named bar is one of Puchong’s best. There is always a flock of people heading to this bar every night and rightfully so! This pork-loving restaurant serves up some of the best Western food around. From their homemade pizzas to their steaks, there is definitely a favourite for everyone. Not forgetting their glorious cocktails that will rock your world. 

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Brussels Beer Cafe

This franchise has recently opened its 7th store in the most happening part of Puchong which is great for you! It offers a selection of Belgian beers that will knock your socks off. Alongside the drafts, there’s also really great food. It is definitely a great place to chill out with friends on a Saturday night.

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We've got the best, recommended alarm & CCTV services in Puchong. All our proffesional alarm & CCTV are pre-screened for quality with genuine customer reviews.

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Lee Ham

Senco Integrated Solution

The owner is a hands on young man and the service is fast and efficient. He is very punctual in his appointments.

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Very good service!! Jacky came on time and suggested on cctv required as per requested. The price is reasonable. Truly satisfied 👍👍👍👍👍 will definitely go back to this company again.

Girl 5


Jacky did explain very clearly about cctv to me. He has great experience. I would strongly recommend this company to anyone who need cctv & alarm in the future.