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Yoga Lessons in Petaling Jaya

Find the best yoga lessons in Petaling Jaya now.
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We get you the best yoga lessons in Petaling Jaya, so you get more free time for all the fun things in life

Yoga lessons
The Best Yoga Lessons in Petaling Jaya

Whenever you need yoga lessons for yourself, we've got all the best professional yoga lessons for you!

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The Best Prices

Hire top rated yoga instructors in Petaling Jaya and get the job done with Kaodim, the best "service marketplace / platform" in Malaysia

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Hassle Free Lifestyle

Let Kaodim take care of your yoga lessons so you can live your life hassle free.

Here are a bunch of things you can do in Petaling Jaya with your new-found free time

Now that you’ve got someone to help with your chores and some extra time to spare, why not get out and get exploring? No need to pack your bags or go all the way out of town! Whether it’s something new or something old, there are plenty of exciting places to check out in our own backyard here in Petaling Jaya.


Improves your posture

With desk jobs and technology comes posture problems. If you’re hunched over your desk for hours or constantly looking down at your phone, you’ll find yourself with neck and back problems in the long run. Yoga helps correct your posture as it places importance flexion and extension of the spine, in addition to other parts of your body.   

Halasana or plough pose

Gets your blood circulating

Yoga improves blood circulation in your body through relaxation techniques and various poses. Inversions like headstand and shoulder stand allows blood to flow upwards for quicker oxygenation while twisting poses improves the circulation in internal organs. Risks of diseases are lowered with better circulation. You will feel and look better too!  

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Helps you find your balance

We’re talking both literally and figuratively. With constant yoga practice, you’ll find yourself with enhanced sense of stability on and off the mat. Besides protecting you from future falls, this also means greater mobility and fewer injuries. Balance will happen in your life as a whole too as yoga leads to mental and spiritual wellbeing. We could all use some of those in our busy lives. 

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We've got the best, recommended yoga lessons in Petaling Jaya. All our professional yoga lessons are pre-screened for quality with genuine customer reviews.

Cecil widjaja
Cindy Khor


Prices are relevant to their proffesion. Nearest location to what I've been searching. Satisfied.

Christine lau

Oscillation Yoga

Good yoga class

Debby luivindy

Bliss With Yoga

Great with beginners! Friendly and Flexible in approach.