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Florist in Petaling Jaya

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Flowers cool

Keep them in a cool environment

The best place to display your beautiful flower arrangement is somewhere cool and away from direct sunlight or heat. Flowers wilt faster when the environment is warm. If there’s space in your refrigerator, you can even store the flowers in it overnight to preserve them even longer. 

Flowers fresh

Use filtered water and check the water level daily

Placing your flowers in water will definitely allow them to stay fresh longer. While tap water is sufficient, filtered water can be better especially for precious flowers like orchids and lilies. Remember to check the water level daily and add more if necessary! The amount of water needed depends on the number of flowers in the arrangement and the flower type as well. 

Trim flowers end

Trim the ends of the stems daily

Cutting the ends of the stems allows your flowers to soak up more water. The more water they soak up, the longer they stay fresh for! Do this daily when changing the water. Use a sharp scissors and cut the ends diagonally instead of straight across, as this will give more surface area for better water absorption. 

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Debby luivindy

ATAP at Work

I love the way the make the flower become so beautiful.. recommended!

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Sap Yat Siu

The best florist ever!!

Adam kurniawan

Deeraz Bridal

They create from normal to a perfect flower! recommended to everyone!