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Part Time Maids in KL

Find the best part time maids in KL for your home now, from RM15 an hour onwards.
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We get you the best part time maid services in KL, so you get more free time for all the fun things in life

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The Best Part Time Maids in KL

Whether you want a home cleaner or a part time maid for your house, condo, apartment or office, we've got all the right part time maids for you!

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The Best Prices

Hire top rated part time maids in KL City and get the job done with Kaodim, the best "service marketplace / platform" in Malaysia

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More Free Time For You

Let Kaodim take care of your chores so you can free up your time for all the fun things in life.

Here are a bunch of things you can do in KL with your new-found free time

Thinking about what to do with your newly found free time away from dirty laundry, dusty shelves and planning birthday parties? This is the perfect opportunity to explore places you've not been before and seize new experiences. There are probably many interesting hot spots in Kuala Lumpur that you've missed out on because you just never had the time, well now you do!


Aku Café & Gallery

Created by a Malaysian film producer, this contemporary café in the middle of Chinatown breathes a quiet contrast to the hustle and bustle surrounding it. Stepping inside, you’ll notice that it also doubles as an art gallery. Don’t forget to try their famous 3D coffee art!


Dolly Dim Sum

You won’t be missing vacuuming your bedroom while you’re here! Enjoy a variety of pork-free dim sum in a spacious contemporary version of a traditional tea house. Who wouldn’t like brunch made up of chicken ‘char siu’, prawn ‘har gaus’, ‘chee cheong fun’ and ‘siu mai’ dumplings.



The only thing you need to bring with you is some balance and stability. If you haven’t got those, don’t worry - you’ll still be fine as long as you have the will to try and try again! All around, it’s still a fun experience to imagine walking on water and see life for the first time as a hamster.

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We've got the best, recommended part time maid services in KL. All our part time maids are pre-screened for quality with genuine customer reviews.

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Goh LH

CleaNeat Cleaning Service

The maids are very efficient. They are thorough with their tasks and they provide their services with genuine smiles. Very happy with them. Thank you.