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Alarm & CCTV Services in KL

Find the best alarm & CCTV services in KL city now.
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Alarm & CCTV Services

We get you the best alarm & CCTV services in KL city, so you get more free time for all the fun things in life

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The Best Alarm & CCTV Service in KL city

Whenever you need alarm & CCTV services for yourself, we've got all the best professional alarm & CCTV for you!

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The Best Prices

Hire top rated alarm & cctv services in KL City and get the job done with Kaodim, the best "service marketplace / platform" in Malaysia

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Hassle Free Lifestyle

Let Kaodim take care of your alarm & CCTV services so you can live your life hassle free.

Here are a bunch of things you can do in KL city with your new-found free time

Now that you’ve got someone to help with your chores and some extra time to spare, why not get out and get exploring? No need to pack your bags or go all the way out of town! Whether it’s something new or something old, there are plenty of exciting places to check out in our own backyard here in KL city.


Fatboy’s Burger Bar 

Hailing from our neighbours, Singapore, the Fatboy’s franchise hit our shores not too long ago and it has already taken Malaysia by a storm. Everything about this place is perfect. The burgers are made to perfection and their milkshakes are to die for. If the menu does not tickle your fancy, you are allowed to build your own burger! 


Sek Yuen Chinese Restaurant 

This restaurant is situated in the middle of Jalan Pudu. They serve all types of Chinese cuisine and it is a historical restaurant as it has been around for decades. The original building was erected in 1948. The dishes are still mostly cooked over a wood fire stove to preserve authenticity. It truly feels like you’ve stepped into a time-machine to the past when you enter this eatery. 


Palsaik Korean Barbeque

Also located in Solaris, this restaurant is obviously well-known for its barbequed dishes. “Palsaik” means Eight Colours in Korean and it is in line with the aim of the shop to focus on colour therapy where the nutritional values are colour-coded. The pork belly comes on a tray with 8 different options and is to be eaten from left to right. It is a super cool concept and is great for those food photographs we all strive for nowadays.

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We've got the best, recommended alarm & CCTV services in KL city. All our alarm & CCTV proffesional are pre-screened for quality with genuine customer reviews.

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Mohd Farhan


Guide my family and me to have CCTV online view and hence we can now view it from hp & computer. Thanks DLOY, especially Jacky!

Girl 1
Chloe Sim

Janvin Automation Services

Janvin are lifesavers! My previous CCTV contractor as a rip off and I got fed up with him. Requested a quote through Kaodim and was lucky enough to get Janvin. They were super attentive, know exactly what I need and delivered perfectly.

Girl 5


Jacky did explain very clearly about cctv to me. He has great experience. I would strongly recommend this company to anyone who need cctv & alarm in the future.