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Swimming Training in Kepong

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We get you the best swimming training in Kepong, so you get more free time for all the fun things in life

Swimming training
The Best Swimming Training in Kepong

Whenever you need swimming trainining for yourself, we've got all the best professional swimming training for you!

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Hire top rated swimming instructors in Kepong and get the job done with Kaodim, the best "service marketplace / platform" in Malaysia

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Let Kaodim take care of your swimming training so you can live your life hassle free.

Here are a bunch of things you can do in Kepong with your new-found free time

Maybe it’s always summer here, so once in awhile it’s good to splash some water around in the pool. Private pools are still a luxury, and a large number of us stay in high rises or apartments, but access to public pools is still an option. Here’s a list of not-to-dos in public pools.

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 Answer nature’s calls 

We know pools are fun, and  emergencies happen, but  don’t urinate, defecate, spit  or anything you do in a  restroom for that matter.  Sadly, in a civilized world,  this still happens often,  mostly kids being the culprit.  Parental supervision and  taking care of your business  before entering the pool are  practical measures to avoid  an embarrassing episode.    



We too appreciate freedom  and control over our bodies,  but sharing a body of water  exposed directly to private  parts besides your’s is simply  gross. Unless you are at a  nudist pool, this act of self  confidence and  expressionism is far from  decency, although ancient  Romans would disagree.  Trunks, bikinis, anything  goes, except for birthday  suits.

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Sick swimming 

Swimming is healthy, but if  you are sick, don’t jump into  that pool. Viruses, germs,  bacteria, especially evil  ones spread quite efficiently  in water and infect others.  Backaches or physical  injuries may get worse after  swimming. Accidents happen  too involving cramped  muscles, and shortness of  breath. So, make sure you  are healthy before you jump  into that pool. 

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We've got the best, recommended swimming training in Kepong. All our professional swimming training are pre-screened for quality with genuine customer reviews.

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The instructor is very patient and experienced. He provides different way/method of learning skills which best suit for you.

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