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Wedding Photography in Kajang

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We get you the best wedding photography in Kajang, so you get more free time for all the fun things in life

Wedding photography
The Best Wedding Photography in Kajang

Whenever you need wedding photography for yourself, we've got all the best professional wedding photography for you!

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Wedding day is one of the most significant days for the bride, groom and their families. Keep it pleasant by avoiding these major no-no’s on the big day itself:


Wearing something inappropriate

To be considerate guests, obey the long-standing rule of not wearing something that takes the attention away from the bride and groom. This includes white dresses, matching tuxedos and dresses that make you look like a bridesmaid. Other inappropriate outfits such as skimpy clothing, funeral clothing and overly casual clothing should also be avoided. Weddings these days are usually themed so adhering to the theme is the safest bet.

Show up late

Showing up late

This applies for both hosts and guests. Bride and groom appearing 5-10 minutes late is still acceptable but anything beyond 15 minutes is pushing it and may seem rude. As for the guests, being on time is especially important. You do not want to arrive later than the bride and groom, or worse, walk in to find yourself disrupting an ongoing ceremony.

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Getting too drunk

While it’s almost mandatory for the bride and groom to drink with guests, it’s a big no-no to get too drunk especially since all eyes are on them. Guests should also watch how much they’re drinking to avoid bad behaviour during the ceremony or dinner. Getting drunk too early will also cause a dip in mood and atmosphere when everyone is sobering up, so reserve the alcohol for the end of the night!

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Excellent services!! Prompt respond and reasonable price. No other hidden cost. The team is very professional. Listen to our needs and proposed new ideas for us. Recommended vendor for wedding couple!!

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It was our pleasure working with Ikram from Artpro Image. He is very professional, punctual, responsible and efficient. He came an hour earlier to setup before the event started. He photographed our son's birthday party in the school, we're very happy and satisfied with the outcome, it's above our expectations. Ikram is so effortless and easy to work with, and just has a knack for capturing real emotion, in-the-moment happiness. His photos are not always perfect smiles, or cheesy posing, but raw life and love. For those of you considering Ikram for a private session or wedding photography, he is worth every single penny. When I planned my son's birthday, my first priority was getting the right photographer......even more so than the perfect party. Tangible items may come and go, but photos will last a lifetime. Do yourself a favor and book Ikram from Artpro Image for any life event, he's the best of the best. :D

Fitri septiani

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I am a happy customer. Please please hire artproimage and you guys won't regret it ☺️