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Pest Control in Kajang

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Our changing weather between heat waves and monsoon showers seem to bring with them seasonal insects that swarm our houses with no notice at all! Not to mention the year round critters that fly in and crawl out of our houses as they please. Hiring a professional pest exterminator can do the job of eliminating them, but we could all take preventive measures to make sure that they stay out.

To start you off, we’ve put together 3 ways to keep insects out of your house:

Close all gaps

Close All Gaps

Insects usually enter the house from the outside, so it’s really important to seal and repair any entry points like wall cracks, broken pipes, torn screens, open vents and window gaps. Use mesh nettings for large gaps. To seal gaps between doors and the floor, install a ‘door sweep’ or install a ‘threshold’

Keep clean

Keep Clean

Don’t give insects an excuse to stay in your house. Remove any food and water sources – this includes repairing leaky pipes and dehumidifying damp areas. Vacuum frequently, clear garbage regularly and store food in air tight containers. Keep your house clutter-free; messy piles are ideal spots for insects to hide and breed.

Plant   tree

Prune Plants & Trees

Insects can easily find their way in through trees and plants that come in contact with your house. Prune branches that are resting on rooftops and wall surfaces which can double up as a highway for them to enter your home. Avoid placing plants too close to doors and windows. 

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