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Venue Rental in Bandar Seri Damansara

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So you have decided who you want share your life with, and loved ones are happy that you are about to tie the knot. But where shall this special occasion take place? Choosing a wedding venue can be quite a challenge, and here are some tips for you.

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Strategic location

Pay attention to strategic locations. You may want to avoid getting married in a too remote of a place, as guests will run into navigation problems. Make sure roads that are connected to the area is not congested, and have clear road signs. See if there are hotels nearby, with options for everyone attending. Make a visit to check for temperature, humidity, and surroundings. 



It's easy to overspend for a wedding, and wedding venue usually don't come cheap. You might want to realistically plan this by putting a maximum budget on the venue. If venue is the most important one in the list, spend the rest of the budget on it. Call in early to check for offers and discounts. Make sure travelling to the venue is affordable as well. 



Gather a good idea on how many guests might attend. This is the most crucial aspect of calculating the amount of space you need at the venue. Identify how many tables you may need to fit in. Contact caterers, decorators, and other vendors to check how much space they need. Make sure to allow ample rooms to walk, and allocate sections for photographers. 

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