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Pest Control Services in Bandar Seri Damansara

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Pests repellent or traps can be made at home using everyday ingredients and products. Here are 3 DIY ways to keep pests away from your home:

Ant repellent

Ant repellent

Take some coffee grounds and sprinkle them around windows, doors and cracks to keep ants at bay. Alternatively, you can use diatomaceous earth mixed with a little bit of cayenne powder. If you prefer to create a trap instead, simply mix a cup of borax with a cup of sugar water, and pour them into small jars. Punch some holes in the lids and the ants will be lured in by the sweet smell.


Cockroach bottle trap

Cockroaches are often found in the kitchen and bathroom where they can access food and water easily. To trap them, take a bottle of stale beer about a quarter full and add a tablespoon of vegetable oil into it. Cockroaches will be attracted to the smell and will not be able to climb back out once they’ve gone in. Place that bottle in the infested area and replace it when it’s filled with trapped cockroaches.


Flea repellent spray

Vinegar is the main ingredient in preparing this spray, as fleas hate it. Mix half a cup of white or apple cider vinegar with half a cup of water and fill it into a clean spray bottle. An alternative ingredient is lemon. Boil some lemon slices and steep it overnight to create lemon-infused water. Spray these all around to repel fleas from your home and pets.

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