How do I choose who to hire?

Kaodim is a marketplace for services that strives to provide value to both its customers and service providers. We empower our customers with choice so they can make better decisions on all their service related needs.

Kaodim does not have any business or personal interest in any of its service providers. Kaodim does not influence the prices quoted. Any quote you receive comes directly from the service provider and reflects their own pricing.

Kaodim believes in safety, reliability and comfort and takes the following steps to promote such an environment:

  • Background Verification

    When service providers signup to Kaodim, we get their business registration numbers and we verify the identities of their responsible contact persons. We review their phone numbers, address and services provided. This includes verification through telephone, email or meetings. We also scrutinise public records of the service providers.

  • Profiles

    The profiles of service providers contain their contact details, address as well as information about their services, background, expertise, experience and licences. They are also strongly encouraged to provide social media and website links for your review.

  • Verified Reviews

    Kaodim's review system allows customers to review the service providers. This includes reviews related to poor service or failure to perform. Reviews cannot be deleted or changed by the service provider.

  • Continued Learning & Support

    Kaodim continuously provides information, learning and support to all of its service providers so that they may improve their service to you.

  • Terms of Use

    Kaodim takes all reasonable steps to investigate and address any complaints against service providers. Kaodim also adheres strictly to its Terms of Use. If there is any breach by a service provider, Kaodim reserves the right to remove them from the platform.

  • Nothing Illegal

    Service providers are only allowed to provide services that fall within Kaodim's approved list. Illegal activities such as gambling, or prostitution is strictly prohibited.

Best Practices on Hiring

Kaodim makes it easy for you to get to know the service providers that are introduced to you. Here are a few important things to keep in mind, and which you may wish to employ as best practices.

  • Service Provider's Background

    Although Kaodim carries out a verification on the service providers, it does not and cannot carry out an exhaustive check. If you are in any doubt, you may wish to call to verify the service provider's background before fixing an appointment or hiring.

  • Review their Profiles & Speak to Them

    The service providers' profiles are designed to provide you with useful information about them. You may also check any social media or website links provided. If you do not find the information you need in the profiles or if you need more information, insist on it with the service provider through a call or through Kaodim's in-built messaging system.

  • Evaluate their Expertise

    We strongly encourage service providers to describe their services and experience in detail, and also to upload photos of their past work. Evaluate the information provided and if you need further information, insist on it with the service provider.

  • Your Best Judgement

    Although we have a verification process in place, we do not and cannot carry out an exhaustive due dilligence or guarantee, insure or provide assurance on the service providers' prices and the quality of their services. As with any product or service, you should exercise all reasonable diligence, use caution and your best judgment when hiring or dealing with any service provider.

Should you require any help or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us: 03 6419 7180