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How do I select a good repairman?

There are many factors consumers need to consider before hiring a gadgets repair service. Gadgets are expensive, and you want to ensure the company you hire is reputable and has the skills required to complete the fix in a timely and efficient manner. Tips for hiring a gadget repair service:

Know What You Need Repaired

There are a lot of gadgets in the world, be sure you know the brand and model of the gadget you are repairing. This will help you in making the right choice between gadget repair service companies.

Check Certifications

Companies will often have certifications or authorizations from certain gadget manufacturers. If the company is an authorized repair company partner, they may be more expensive but they may be more reliable for that type of gadget. Use this information when comparing prices and companies.

Warranty Details

Check to see if the company offers warranties and compare the details of those warranties. If they are a certified/authorized repair company with your gadgets manufacturer than you may be able to have the repair covered by your initial warranty.

Is Their Location Convenient?

Good location is important, ideally a repair company will be located near your home, along your commute or other regular travel route and be convenient for you to stop and pick up your device for repair. It may seem a minor detail but it could be the deciding factor between 2 repair shops.

Types of Services

  • iPhone screen repair 
  • Android screen repair
  • Windows desktop computer repair and update 
  • Windows laptop repair and update 
  • Macbook repair and update
  • Mac repair and update