Why Choose Kaodim House Cleaners

Get your home cleaned with the help of our trained cleaners. Choose from one-time, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning depending on your needs. The service comes with wide coverage areas such as the dining room, kitchen, bedroom, living room and bathroom. Enjoy great benefits when you book such as free reservice if unsatisfied, free protection coverage against damages or theft and more.

FAQ - House Cleaning Services

Communication can be made with the vendor if customers prefer the same cleaner for each visit but it is not 100% assured if the service is not arranged to be on the same day and time every session
Yes, you may. But we strongly suggest that you submit a request at least 2 days in advance. We are not able to guarantee that you will be matched to a service provider should you request for same-day cleaning service.
The house cleaning package mainly covers areas such as the living room, dining room/kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Other areas can be specially requested to the vendor if you would like them to clean other areas of your property
Arrangements can be made but we recommend the customer to be home to supervise to prevent any potential issues (i.e theft or damages). You may advise the cleaners on specific cleaning directions as well as precautionary measures during the service.
Our service providers are trained to ensure they provide the best service. However, should any issue arises, please contact our Customer Care team and we will assist you accordingly. Your cleaning service is under Kaodim Protection coverage for damage and theft.
SKIP is a feature designed to help with cleaning sessions such as weekly, bi-weekly and monthly. The feature is provided for our customers when they need to skip a session that has been allocated based on the selected frequency.
There is a charge when you choose to SKIP to ensure that previous arrangements you made with the vendor remain the same even though you do not want the service performed at that selected time. Our vendors allocate the cleaners schedules based on requests which are confirmed specific date and time. When a session was arranged to happen but needs to be SKIP due to circumstances, the operation and time efficiency of the cleaners are in turn affected as well. The charges imposed are compensation to the vendor when a confirmed service has to be deferred due to customers' circumstances.
We strongly advise you to continue on the platform as such arrangements are that are done offline will not be eligible for kaodim benefits. To ensure that your cleaning session is covered for safety purposes, we advise that all transactions and arrangements be done on Kaodim's platform.
When a session has been SKIP, the upcoming session will be the one that is scheduled to happen next. You may reschedule the upcoming session but not the session that has been SKIP. You may also choose to reschedule before deciding to SKIP a session but rescheduling the arranged day and time with the vendors might affect the chances of getting the same cleaners to perform the cleaning session.
You will be prompted immediately to make payment for SKIP once it's been initiated. If payment was not made, SKIP will not be applied for that session which will eventually affect your future cleaning sessions to stop generating. You can opt to SKIP a session any time once it's been generated until before the following scheduled session is generated. The SKIP feature does not support any backdated cleaning sessions. KaodimPay is the only available payment method for SKIP.