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Appliance Service & Repair

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Morgan Z

Yew Wai Air Conditioner Engineering

The whole process was from finding a Profesional to job completion was smooth. No dramas, price as advertised. Timely and efficient. Very impressed with the service. Technicians were on the job the moment they got here at 11.30 a.m. Absolutely fantastic experience and recommend them to anyone.

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Indira M.

Dustbox Solutions

They got back to me quickly and showed up on time. They explained the problem with the aircon clearly and got it fixed well. They also advised me on how to avoid it in the future. Great experience.

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Rahmat Muhammed


Hired twice, late once but overall good natured and well mannered aircon servicing contractors who go about their work without wasting time. Prices were reasonable and competitive too. I found the experience overall satisfying and I would hire them again for future aircon related work.

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How do I select a good repairman?

There are many factors consumers need to consider before hiring an appliance repair service. Home appliances are expensive, and you want to ensure the company you hire is reputable and has the skills required to complete the fix in a timely and efficient manner. Tips for hiring an appliance repair service:

The Service Professional Will Make an Initial Visit

In order to understand what is going on with your appliance as well as give it a quick inspection, the service professional will make an initial visit to inspect the machine. Many times, if the issue is minor enough or doesn't require replacement parts, they will be able to fix your appliance during this visit. 

Expect an initial service fee

Even if they are unable to fix the problem with your appliance, expect that you will have to compensate the company at least partially for their time inspecting the unit. This is why it is important to be as clear as possible in describing your appliance and the issue, that way the company can inform you when you make the request whether or not they would likely be able to fix it.

Order replacement parts

If the problem can't be fixed during the initial visit your professional will probably either order replacement parts or tell you that they cannot fix the issue. If they order replacement parts, expect a wide variety of delays, depending on your appliance and the rarity of the part.

Fix the Issue

Once the replacement part is in, expect the professional to notify you and either have the part delivered to you after explaining how to make the replacement, or return to your property and install it for you.