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Rahmat Muhammed

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"Hired twice, late once but overall good natured and well mannered aircon servicing contractors who go about their work without wasting time. Prices were reasonable and competitive too. I found the experience overall satisfying and I would hire them again for future aircon related work."
Indira M.
Dustbox Solutions

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"They got back to me quickly and showed up on time. They explained the problem with the aircon clearly and got it fixed well. They also advised me on how to avoid it in the future. Great experience."
Morgan Z
Yew Wai Air Conditioner Engineering

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"The whole process was from finding a Profesional to job completion was smooth. No dramas, price as advertised. Timely and efficient. Very impressed with the service. Technicians were on the job the moment they got here at 11.30 a.m. Absolutely fantastic experience and recommend them to anyone."

An overview of aircon repair and services

The total cost & amount of time required by the aircond servicing contractor will depend on the size (horsepower) of the aircon as well as the type of aircond servicing that you need, whether it be an aircond installation, servicing, repair or maintenance. Here's a general overview of what to expect from our service providers.

What Goes Into Aircond Servicing

  • General servicing & system maintenance
  • Gas refilling and checking of coolant level
  • Cleaning or replacement of filter driers & air filters
  • Cleaning of split & ducted air cooling systems
  • Inspecting and/or replacing of copper piping insulation
  • Checking of running pressures & temperatures
  • Checking of the compressor’s power usage

Why You Should Service Your Aircond

Servicing your aircond regularly can save you money. Regular maintenance means that you can maximize the life of your aircond and ensure that it is always cooling your home at optimum efficiency. This means that your aircond will last longer and lower your electricity bill. In addition, a well serviced aircond will keep your house at the right temperature compared to a non-serviced one.

When You Should Service Your Aircond

Ideally you should change your filters of your aircond monthly and have it serviced by a professional at least once a year. That should ensure the maximum life and efficiency of your aircond.

Questions To Ask Your Aircond Service Professional

Ask your aircond service professional for advice regarding your aircond. Aircond locations and status vary greatly and some may require more or less care, and only someone who is actually looking at the specific device could tell you for sure. Ask if there's anything that you should keep an eye out for in terms of maintenance and how best to maximize the lifespan of your aircond.