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Hundreds of Malaysians Used Kaodim For Their Weddings


Wedding Make Up

"Jessica provided me with the best makeup I could have asked for. The makeup looked awesome. She is a wonderful makeup artist, who is understanding, kind and professional. I received so many compliments the day of my niece wedding "

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Wedding Photography

"So glad to have Alexis as my actual day wedding photographer. Love her casual style of photo taking, with very natural effects. Besides that, she was very flexible in her services, very nice to work with and will try her best to suit your requirements ;)"

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Wedding Photography

"I found Melyssa through Kaodim and I wanted to find one within my budget. When I met Melyssa on my wedding day, all I can say is she was goooood!! Her service to her commitment in making sure she gets her shots are amazing. I just saw my pictures today and I must say I am really happy! From a happy bride, Julia."

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Get a wedding planner or plan it yourself with Kaodim

Wedding planning is tough work. From the ring to the dress, the flowers to the wedding guests and venue, Kaodim is here to help

Full Planning Wedding Packages

Let an expert wedding planner sort every detail out (and take all your headaches away) by helping you organise your wedding from start to finish.

  • Budgeting
  • Preparing and advising on the wedding checklist
  • Selection and booking of ceremony venues
  • Assistance and creative input in choosing wedding colour themes and styles
  • Preparation, curation and finalisation of the wedding card
  • Ceremony set-up and coordination with venue personnel, vendors and other stakeholders
  • Recommending appropriate vendors (wedding dress, wedding photography and videography, makeup artists, entertainment, wedding décor suppliers and specialists & many more)
  • Organising visitors and seating arrangements
  • Organising dinner rehearsals, bachelor's party and bridal show


Every wedding needs the right entertainment. Whether you want a DJ, a full band, or just an awesome A/V system hooked up, we have the right professionals to help you get it all set up.


Feeding a large group of people is never easy, even if you have everything else figured, catering may be just what you need. Catering for wedding generally falls into several categories

  • Buffet Style : Let your guests choose what food they'd like by having all of the available options open to their choosing.
  • Restaurant Style : Multiple options or a set menu where food is delivered by servers to your guests.
  • Family Style : The same food served at each table in large, communal dishes.


If there's anytime when you need perfect, top quality photographs, that's during weddings. You want to get the best, most skilled photographers that capture you at your most beautiful.

  • Check out their portfolio : Kaodim photographers put up their work on their profile. Be sure to browse through and identify if its the style you are looking for.
  • Discuss their quote : Find our what their quote includes, whether there would be additional charges or how the price might change. Tell them what you are comfortable paying.
  • Read customer testimonials : Find out what others have said about the photographer, so you can decide with confidence.