Zuppa Cleaning Stands Out With Their Great Personality and Positive Energy


It’s really hard not to like Mei, who co-founded Zuppa Cleaning Services.  She’s easy to talk to, extremely friendly, outgoing and full of positive energy.  She’s exactly the type of person you’d trust with your house cleaning.   She’s affable and also trained to understand the importance of service quality, systems and streamlined processes.  Her experience at a multinational consumer goods company might have contributed to this.

Along with her partner, they aim to expand Zuppa into a one stop centre for office supplies, including stationery, pantry stock and hygiene.  Their expansive knowledge of products and distribution channels allows them to deliver solutions quickly and reliably in this area.

The founders always wanted Zuppa to be a house cleaning service company that people instantly felt comfortable with.  “Zuppa is Italian for soup, and the comfort associated with soup is the same way we want our customers to feel about our brand.”  says Mei.


In the short time Zuppa has been using Kaodim, they have been hired numerous times.  Su Mei Lim and Dinesh are just one of the few customers that have given Zuppa 5 out of 5 stars.


“Kaodim has been really helpful to our businesss.  We’ve received quite a number of cleaning jobs. We were really surprised that it could bring us additional businesses with only just a few clicks! We now have a number of new clients in the last 2 months and this will grow as we get better at using the platform.” says Mei.

Happy and smiling customers are Zuppa’s number one priority. Zuppa’s cleaning professionals are well-trained, reliable and focus very much on service quality.   The founders have put in place an itemised cleaning checklist in place for every customer to ensure the best cleaning services are always upheld possible.

“Putting a smile on peoples’ faces is what we love about this job.  It’s worked well for us and it’s translated into long term customers” she adds.