A Workplace That Works: Designing A Successful Office Space

office designPhoto credit: officesnapshots.com

Working in an office can get boring after some time. You know you need a change of scenery when everyday feels like you have the case of the Monday blues.  It’s probably then to reevaluate your professional environment.  A calming, cheerful environment induces positivity, lower stress levels and higher workforce productivity among your employees! If you crave for a workspace that will encourage productivity and positive work ethics, consider these tips below:

Light It Up

office-lightingPhoto credit: notapaperhouse.com

Good lighting is often underestimated but it works wonders in an office space when all you see are computers and more computers. Lighting has multiple functions that can be taken into consideration in optimising the productivity of a room. Since the office lights will be turned on for long periods of time, they should be energy-saving. Try LED or CFL bulbs.

Get Comfy In The Office

Photo credit: Google

Long gone are the days of boring furniture. Thanks to companies like Facebook and Google who think outside the box, we have been introduced to the world of super cool furniture that will not only guarantee comfort but also ensure that every employee is excited to come into work. Google’s Dublin office incorporates comfortable sofas and intergalactic space designs that look amazing and are bound to get those creative juices flowing. So get creative and comfy!

Bring The Outdoors In

plants in bright officePhoto credit: faisonopc.com

Most of our previous articles highlight the importance of adding a touch of green to most of your personal spaces, and this is no exception. Having some greenery around your office will improve the atmosphere, both emotionally and decoratively. Plants are an instant mood lifter, plus if you’re worried about spending too much time on the screen, diverting your vision to plants every few hours will relax your eye muscles.

Picking The Right Colours

Photo credit: carlamossinteriors.com

Studies have shown that painting a room a certain colour can and will affect productivity. Angela Wright, a world-renowned colour psychologist, said that colour profoundly affects your behaviour. You can read all about her studies in this post.

The colour blue seems to be the most famous colour for inducing a high level of productivity. She also advises to add a tinge of orange in there to balance out the blue. If you want to enhance creativity, then maybe yellow is the colour after all.

Adding Office Artwork

Photo credit: strongmove.com.au

If you want to create a stimulating workspace, you might want to start adding some inspiring and eye-catching artwork. This will help in decorating the office and you will have a very unique space. Motivational decals will help amp your employees to work harder, hence increasing productivity.

So if you want to decorate your workplace for success, apply these tips to your office decor. If you need help with painting, light installation, renovation and more, visit Kaodim to receive free price quotes from interior designers and contractors to turn your current office space into a sanctuary of productivity and positivity.

written by Tashya Viknesh