Why you should not leave your pipes leaking

We’ve all experienced the dripping sounds coming from our faucets be it from the bathroom or the kitchen sink. But a leaking pipe is a whole different story and here’s why you should not leave them be!

1. Growth of mould

A leaking pipe can lead to the growth of mould in bathrooms or under a sink. Mould usually grows in damp and dark places which fits the criteria of every bathroom. The mould spores can cause allergies, sore throat and respiratory complications if the problem is not treated immediately. Calling an experienced plumber should do the trick!

2. Property damage

Besides mould growth, your property is also at risk when there’s a pipe leak. This leak would result in leaving a stain on your walls due to the moist condition. The little drips may not bother you at first but it will be a bigger problem in the future such as flooding if it is not tackled properly. This, in turn, will burn a hole in your wallet as well as damaging your furniture and the electronics that are around your house. This would include your precious flat screen TV and also your aircond as well!

3. An increase in water bills 

A leaking pipe without a doubt will waste an unreasonable amount of water which means it will also increase your water bills! Trying to fix those water pipes yourself will just cause you more damage and a headache. If you don’t get those pipes fixed any sooner, you’ll end up paying the price! 

Book Plumbing Services

If you’re facing a plumbing problem, it’s best to leave it to the experts, opt for an online plumbing inspection with us today so we can be at your service once the MCO is lifted. Book now and leave those pipe leaks to us!