Choose Your Lines Carefully: A Guide To Designing Your Walls

“Are you Kaodim? Cos you’ve got everything I’ve been looking for.”

Sometimes, the cheesier the pickup line, the better it works (apparently). Why? Because it cuts the first turf and is a great starting point for any conversation.

Similarly, this would work in the same way with lines used for interior design. Besides being able to be a great conversation starter, lines also have a psychological effect on a room and designers typically utilise a combination of lines in order to create a particular mood or ambience in a room.

So, how would a particular type of line make you feel? Read on.

Horizontal lines

lines in living room
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These lines suggest solidity and stability, offering a sense of security and restfulness. Visually, long horizontal lines can expand space, resulting in wider or longer-looking rooms. Don’t be afraid to use them – these are walls, not your butt and they won’t turn into Kim Kardashian. Too many horizontal lines (on the wall), however, will cause an interior to become boring and lack visual interest.

Vertical lines

vertical lines interior design
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Vertical lines convey strength, a sense of formality, dignity, restraint and an imposing nature. They lift the gaze upward and make entire interiors appear higher than they really are. These lines are appropriate to be used in rooms with a formal setting, such as meeting spaces and entryways. However, such formality can bring a commanding feeling to the interior, causing uneasiness and confinement.

Zigzag lines

zigzag lines for wall decor
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Zig zag lines are typically called a chevron pattern if they make up a repeated set of such lines, and they suggest movement, energy and action. They can add zest to an interior and stimulate the eye and mind. Use them in play rooms and a child’s bedroom to complement the sense of youthful energy. However, if too many zig zag lines are incorporated, it can create a tiresome, agitating and frenzied effect.

Curved lines

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Curved or circular lines provide a sense of relief, softness and balance. They can be pleasing on the eyes and easy to view. It also provides a graceful dignity to interiors, “softening” the overall look. One should be careful not to be overly generous with curved lines as an excess may become too decorative and overwhelming, therefore compromising its elegant nature. After all, men are said to prefer the curvier ones, so don’t starve your wall.

So…what’s your favourite line? If you cannot decide, Kaodim will be able to assist you in obtaining quotes from multiple interior designers and decorators in Malaysia to achieve the right mood you need for your room.