This is Why Photographers and Videographers Charge What They Do

Photo credit: Udemy

“But we just need you for three hours, and it’s just for photos. Why do you charge so much?”

“What do you mean we only get maximum three edits? What if the video is still not satisfactory after three edits?”

“Oh… can we negotiate the price? My budget is only RM500 for the wedding ceremony’s photography. I only need simple shots, doesn’t need to look like modelling shots.”

These are some of the questions that photographers and videographers get frequently. New customers are often shocked by the amount these creatives charge; while others just want to try their luck to get the services at a much lower price.

Because… how difficult can it be, right?

That’s where you’re wrong. There’s a good reason why the market rate for photography and videography services are priced as such. A few of our service providers who work behind a camera share their reasons why:

1. It requires a good eye, years of practice, and even more years of experience.

Photo credit: Asad Farooq

Some of them even paid huge amounts of money for professional courses, just like how we pay to study and get a professional degree. It’s easy to think that the photographers and videographers have an easy job, especially since they handle the equipment with such poise and ease. However, behind that fluid camera movements are years of practice, and possibly a professional certificate.

2. They deliver high quality results.

Photo credit: Your Story By Max

There is some truth in the common Manglish phrase “Good thing not cheap, cheap thing not good”. High-quality photos and videos don’t come cheap – that’s because more effort, skills, and equipment are needed to produce results of that standard. Of course you can get your photos and videos at an adequate quality for a lower price, but they won’t be as good as the ones that require more manpower, software, and of course – money.

3. You’re not just paying them for the photos.

camera equipment
Photo credit: Amateur Photographer

You’re paying for the full photography and videography package, which includes their time, skills, and equipment.. Just like your jobs, photography and videography are their livelihoods. Most of them get paid on a project basis – so if there’s no booking this month, they might not earn a dime! Their charges are usually for the whole package: the five hours that they’ll have to be there to cover your event, the rental of their equipment, the editing of the product, and ownership of the photos.

4. It is only fair for video editors to impose an editing quota.

video editing
Photo credit: Rocketstock

Different video editors have different quotas when it comes to the amount of edits they can make for a single project. Once they receive the raw footage, the video editor starts to work on it and will share the first draft when it’s ready. They will only get paid once the video has been finalised. Sometimes, this can take months as the client keeps asking for more edits. By imposing a quota, it makes the workflow and feedback process more effective for both the clients and the video editor. What clients may think is a small cut may actually take hours to edit and render.

At the end of the day, both you and the creative professionals want the same thing: for the photos and videos to look great. If you’re on a tight budget, let your service provider know beforehand and see what solutions they can offer.

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written by Esther Chung