Why is my electricity bill so high?

Ever received your electricity bill and noticed an enormous hike despite having the same consumption behaviour every month? While it is simple to blame your utility provider for hiking up the rates or calculating wrongly, there might be potential reasons related to your consumption habit that have contributed to the rise in your bill and you might not have noticed them. Here are a few potential reasons for the spike in your bill.


  1. Faulty appliances

Frequently used and big domestic appliances such as your washing machine or air conditioners are huge energy consumers. When they are faulty, they can use more energy than normal, hence hiking up your bills!

Faulty appliances are also dangerous as they are a safety threat for households, if left neglected long term. It is important to conduct regular maintenance or servicing to ensure they are working at their optimal condition. 


  1. Old appliances

Using appliances past their prime time can significantly increase your bill! You might think that as long as repaired or serviced when needed and are well functioning, they can last long for your household. In fact, old appliances suck up more energy than new energy-efficient ones.

Don’t forget that technology is constantly advancing and switching out your old appliances to an energy-efficient ones can help you save more in the long-run. 


  1. Leaving your appliances plugged in

One of the appliance consumption habits you might have overlooked is to leave unused electronics plugged in the power outlet. If you didn’t know, leaving your electronics or appliances plugged in when unused makes your electronics convert to standby mode where they still draw electricity and allows you to turn back on faster.

Simply make a habit of switching off the main power outlet and unplug all unused sockets. You can easily see a reduction on your electricity bill while keeping your electronics or appliances and power outlet safe from any potential damage from short circuits. 


  1. Increase use of seasonal appliances

With the current heatwave, there is a chance you had inevitably turned on your air conditioner more often unconsciously to cool down your home. According to experts, electronic appliances with cooling systems such as air conditioners, water purifiers and refrigerators are identified as the cause of high electricity bills. They tend to use up more energy in order to maintain their function and regulate their temperature, especially during the hot season.

To reduce the consumption of energy, you are encouraged to open the refrigerator door less often and reduce your usage of air conditioner by setting the temperature at 24 to 26 degrees celsius, turn it off once your room is cool and turn on your fan to maintain the cooling temperature. 


Time to rethink your consumption behaviour and make changes and new habits to become a conscious consumer. Simultaneously, you can save yourself from making a hole in your pockets! Also, don’t forget to set aside a budget to conduct regular maintenance or servicing for your electronic appliances to prolong their lifespan. 

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