Why Fold A Cardboard Box When You Can Make These?

How hard can folding a cardboard box together be?  Well we’ve seen many adults spend hours trying to figure it out.  Cardboard boxes are frequently used in almost any home or office, so you kind of need to know how to put them together.


But if that’s too hard for you, maybe you can build these instead!

At least they will put a smile on your kids’ faces.  Toys ‘R Us is a rip off anyway.

1) Build a Maze (3-4 year olds)


2) A jet plane (3-40 year olds)

cardboard plane

3) A bakery / Post Office (but maybe don’t call it Zion’s Bakery)

cardboard playhouse

4) Or a vegetable and fruit stall (not sure if the backyard is good for business though)

cardboard shop house

5) A cat house (that window is kind of redundant.  Unless your cat is 4 feet tall)

cat cardboard house

6) Once they’re in school, make this simple desk organiser

cardboard organiser

7) Whatever you do, you must build this Awesome Dinosaur!  For all your kids!

cardboard dinosaur

Building any of these is way more fun than folding cardboard boxes.  We certainly think dressing up your kids as cardboard dinosaurs is better use of your time than folding cardboard boxes, that’s for sure.

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