Why aircond cleaning is important for your health.

Living in a tropical country, the AC is our best friend for the all-time heat. Airconds are the electrical appliances in our home and many families own more than one unit. However, the cleanliness of airconds are often overlooked as the functionality are more prioritised. Neglecting the cleaning and maintaining of airconds can not only deteriorate the aircond’s condition, but it might also potentially bring problems to your health. Here are 3 reasons why aircond cleaning is essential for your health. 


  1. Increase indoor air quality

Air conditioners function to make the air cooler and circulate the indoor air. Aircond filters must be routinely cleaned or replaced as a dirty filter collects dust and might form a vicious cycle where the airflow is blocked and dirt is emitted into the air. Thus reducing the indoor air quality. 


  1. Removes awful odour

If you notice a bad smell circulating in the room, be sure to check your aircond units. When dust is clogged in the aircond unit’s filters for a prolonged period of time, it allows mold and bacteria to build-up, leading to the awful smell. 


  1. Minimise allergy and skin sensitivity risk

An aircond unit that is not clean can lead to moisture build-up, making it the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mites. These bacteria, dust and mites are also potential allergens that can trigger health problems such as asthma and skin sensitivities. 


Regular cleaning and servicing of your airconds are vital for not only your health, it can also ensure that your airconds are working efficiently for a long-run. Hire our professional aircond cleaning service providers for healthier air ahead.