11 Whimsical Wedding Card Designs You’ll Want For Your Big Day

It’s not difficult to notice the trend of wedding card designs shifting from the traditional¬†gold on red or yellow templates to more artistic, and sometimes minimalistic ones. Some couples even go as far as to create thematic ones: boarding passes, movie tickets, and even court summons!

The pressure is on for your big day. Check out these amazing wedding invitation designs before you head to the printers:

1. Dreamy watercolours

pretty wedding invitation card idea
Photo credit: Kat CatMur

Watercolour designs always look sweet and gentle – they never look too loud or imposing. Put it together with handwritten font and you have yourself a very demure-looking wedding card.

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2. Prim and proper

typed wedding card
Photo credit: Shine Wedding Invitations

This is the best wedding invitation design for couples who crave simplicity and like everything neat. The trick is to choose the right font type and the right type of paper – preferably one with a unique colour or texture.

3. Lace envelope

wedding card with lace envelope
Photo credit: MODWedding

Envelopes don’t need to be white and boring; coloured envelopes in fancy designs are perfectly fine! In fact, envelope designs go hand-in-hand with your cards.

4. Intricate paper cut-outs

paper cut-out wedding invitation
Photo credit: MODWedding

Not a fan of envelopes? Use this intricate paper cut-out as a cardholder instead.

5. Use your photos

photo book wedding invitation
Photo credit: Artifact Uprising

Make it look like a Kinfolk magazine cover. A wedding invitation like this doesn’t require much copy as the picture already speaks a thousand words. All it needs are just the date, time, and venue.

6. Make it dark

dark wedding card
Photo credit: Paperless Post

No one says you can’t use dark-coloured paper as wedding cards. Navy blue or black cards give your invitation an avant-garde vibe.

In other words, super fancy.

7. Colour-wash it

colour wash wedding card design
Photo credit: Minted

More of the artistic type of couple than the prim and proper one? Try going for a colour-wash design wedding invitation. It goes well with typewriter and handwritten font.

8. Bookmark it

bookmark wedding invitation
Photo credit: Kreative Hochzeitskarten

What do people usually do with wedding cards after attending the ceremony and dinner? They throw it away, or they store it somewhere and will probably never use it. Sending out invitations in the form of a bookmark keeps them relevant even after your big day

Your bookish friends will also always be reminded of you.

9. Map the way to your reception

map design wedding card
Photo credit: Oh So Beautiful Paper

Want your guests to flex some brain muscles before your wedding? Send them a map-themed wedding invitation that states the reception’s venue cartographically.

Hint: Don’t make it too difficult for them. Make sure the map is drawn accurately!

10. Draw it

hand-drawn wedding card
Photo credit: thingsidrew

Wedding cards don’t get more original than this – a hand-drawn wedding invitation. It’s so charming, beautiful, and lovely, isn’t it? Certainly reminds you of back when you were a kid.

11. Translucent invites

translucent wedding card
Photo credit: Download & Print

It looks almost lofty, isn’t it? Get your invite printed on a piece of translucent paper, pair it with any coloured paper as a background and you already have multiple designs of the same card.

Make it even classier by foil-pressing it.

Inspired already? Let our talented designers and printers know what you have in mind. Just tap the button below to start receiving free quotations. We’ll connect you with reliable graphic designers and printing companies to save you time finding the right guys for the job. Your special celebration deserves a gorgeous, whimsical wedding invitation like no other!

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written by Esther Chung