What’s the difference between wrought iron, steel and aluminium?


  • iron is an element
  • it is easily welded and forged.  Good for designs and railings.
  • not as strong as steel
  • iron was used in making tools in Egypt since 3000 BC
  • rusts quicker

So what should you use wrought iron for in your house?

Flamboyant Staircases

flamboyant staircases


  • It is an alloy comprising of iron and carbon and other elements
  • It is stronger than iron and has better tension and compression properties
  • discovered after iron
  • durable and strong
  • rusts slower than iron

What should you use steel for in your house?

Intimidating, evil front gates

evil steel gates


  • aluminium is an element not an alloy.
  • It is found in the earth’s crust
  • It is the third most abundant element available
  • It is lightweight and malleable

What should you use aluminium for in your house?



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