What’s the difference between copper and PVC pipes?

Traditionally, copper has been the preferred material of choice when it comes to household piping.  Now, PVC pipes are a popular alternative to copper.  So is there really a difference?

copper pipes bathroom

Unlike plastic, copper pipes can corrode over a long period of time when combined with water and air.  The copper can disappear, and your water may have a metallic flavour, which may not be so delicious, unless you like eating magnets. However, plastic does not corrode under water and air.

Installing copper pipes require welding.  Although some say this makes the connections sturdier than plastic connections, it may take longer.  On the other hand, fitting plastic pipes can be quick due to its flexibility.  But the rubber connections may not be as durable as welded copper.  Some plumbers, particularly those who have been around for awhile, might find it easier to install copper pipes rather than plastic ones.  Plastic really only became increasingly popular over the last 30 years.

Lastly, the rising price of copper may also mean plastic is the cheaper option.  But this is not necessarily the case all the time as the cost of fitting plastic can also be expensive, depending on the extent of your work.  If you’re going to carry out piping works in your home, it might be a good idea to ask for a cost breakdown for copper piping and PVC piping so you can make a comparison.

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