What’s a bougainvillea tree? Is it the same as a frangipani, or Eugenia? Why is a tree named Eugene?

Well Rosa loves bougainvillea trees.  So much that she got 90 of them.



Rosa got a brand new garden this week, spanning almost 2000 square feet consisting of 90 eugenia trees, 30 bougainvilleas and a number of frangipanis, landscaped to perfection, complementing her home in Petaling Jaya.

This was a pretty big job and Rosa wanted to get it done by the right landscapers at the right price.

Kaodim was very efficient and they were able to provide me with quotations from four professionals. This was really useful and saved my parents and I the trouble of personally visiting/calling landscapers ourselves,” said Rosa.

“We decided to hire the landscaping company that offered the most reasonable prices. They are very efficient and professional”.

Rosa hired Tunjang Flora Enterprise, a landscaping company that has been around since 2010. Tunjang Flora is experienced in exterior and interior landscaping. They have carried out landscaping projects for APMM in 2010 and Jeli Politeknik in 2012. They have also planted trees for contractors under Majlis Perbandaran Selayang.

Ardy Zafuan Rahmat managed the project for Rosa and he had this to say about Kaodim. “I am very happy with the service. Kaodim got me an introduction to a real customer who was serious about completing her landscaping works. The value of the job was around RM15,000- 20,000, we just submitted our quotation online and we got the job. So this system is great for us. We completed the job last week” said Ardy.

Rosa seems happy with our work too. No complaints so far and we’re glad we could help them build a garden which they like. The team at Kaodim was very helpful and friendly. It’s a really great platform and so easy to use. I can create a company profile, describe my expertise and upload photographs- great for an introduction to new customers. I look forward to new client introductions in the future through Kaodim”, he added.


Landscaping projects are serious commitments, requiring long term care and maintenance.  If you need some gardening work done, or have visions of re-creating your garden, get introduced to some of the most reliable landscaping experts on Kaodim.