4 Things To Do Before Your Cleaner Arrives

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Interior of a living room with shelves and sofa with pillows.

Congratulations! You’ve just hired a cleaning company and the cleaners will be there soon. Now, before your cleaners arrive, here are 4 things you should do to make their job (and yours) a lot easier.

Sort Out Your Stuff

Cleaners are there to clean, not organize your bookshelf, pantry or paperwork. A crowded countertop forces cleaners to spend extra time sifting through your stuff, when all they really want to get to is the surface.

So grab a box and start arranging your clutter and be sure to put away fragile things to reduce the risk of accidents during cleaning. Avoid potential misunderstandings with your cleaners by storing your valuables out of sight. This saves your cleaners plenty of time and enables them to get on with their main task: cleaning your house.

Remember, the emptier the space, the more thoroughly it can be cleaned.

Talk To Your Cleaners Beforehand

It’s always best to have a quick chat with your cleaning company before meeting the cleaners. That way, the company will have a clear understanding of the number of rooms you want cleaned and the duration of time needed to tidy your entire place, as well as the cleaning solutions that will be supplied, and so forth. Try to be specific about the condition of your place so the cleaners will know what to expect.

If your place hasn’t been cleaned in a year, you might want to let them know. It wouldn’t be fair if they came expecting a small space, only to realize they’re supposed to clean a five-bedroom house in under two hours.


Keep Your Pets Away

If people have told you, “Your dog scares the daylight out of me!” then you probably need to keep it away from the cleaners so it doesn’t interfere with their safety and their work. While you’re at it, do a quick check to ensure you don’t have little tortoises or hamsters lying around.

Create A Checklist

Don’t be that person who tells the cleaners, “I don’t have a list of things for you to do, so just clean whatever you think needs cleaning,” and then complain about how they did not wipe the fan or vacuum the guest room. Be specific in your checklist, and ensure that the list does not include cleaning out the inside of your fridge, folding your laundry, washing dirty dishes or fixing broken toilet pumps.  

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written by Carissa Gan