What You Can Expect From a Professional Bookkeeper

Bookkeeping tracks and records your financial transactions, which crucial to keeping your business’ finances – and operations – in order. As your business grows and your finances become more substantial and complex, you might want to hire a professional bookkeeper to ensure everything is performed properly, accurately and in compliance with the appropriate standards. Here’s what you can expect from a professional bookkeeper:

1. Track & Record Your Expenses

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Your bookkeeper will collect and record your financial data into a proper systems for better tracking, including data from all purchases and business expenditures.  

2. Managing Your Invoices & Receipts

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Invoicing and receipts tend to pile up, but your bookkeeper will ensure they are in order, sent and settled accurately, and all payments are made to and received from the proper party at the proper times.

3. Managing Payroll


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Paying employees can be tricky and time consuming. A bookkeeper will help you keeping proper records to manage payroll including timesheets, commissions, taxes as well as employees’ banking information.

4. Ensuring Proper Compliance


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Having a professional track your finances means keeping compliant to financial obligations and legal standards, which can include accurate payroll, taxation and loans.

5. Reporting Your Finances

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Your professional bookkeeper will provide you with regular and straightforward reports of your business’ finances, including your profits, losses and cash flow. This allows you to track your financial performance, as well as provide you with information and insight into further improving and managing your business moving forward.

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written by Louisa Lee